Best Carne Guisada in Houston, TX

It is nearly impossible for any foodie Houstanian not to try this Mexican delight. Succeeding in finding the best carne guisada in Houston, TX, is like a savory symphony in your mouth. Cooked low and slow, tender chunks of beef are infused with a rich, flavorful gravy packed with spices like cumin, chili powder, and garlic.

Each bite is a burst of Tex-Mex goodness, with the meat melting in your mouth and the sauce soaking into every crevice of your taste buds. It’s the kind of dish that warms you from the inside out and leaves you craving just one more bite, no matter how full you already are.

It’s hard to explain how tasty this adventure has been for me to try all the well-renowned guisada restaurants. So keep reading on to be a part of it. Who knows, you might end up finding the taste you have always been looking for!

Doña Maria

Dona Maria

My quest to find the best carne guisada in Houston, TX, took me to this delicious, authentic, family-owned place. A retired teacher and firefighter have run the restaurant for 18 years. They are the kind of people who make you feel like family as soon as you walk in. This can remove some of your homesickness if you are from outside Houston.

The food was just perfectly Mexican. Their carne guisada was perfectly cooked, the beef melted when it hit my tongue, and the tortillas were made from scratch. It altogether tasted delicious and homely. The crispiness of tortillas and smoothness of carne guisada left explosions of flavors and textures inside my mouth.

The price and quantity were reasonable and satisfying. The staff service was phenomenal and added to the mood. Outside, there are a few tables on the patio where you can wait. You will see a sign-in sheet on a counter to your right when you go inside. One thing to remember is that this place isn’t set up for people dining alone.

Now, here’s a downside: The atmosphere is a bit unique. The walls have funny sayings, political signs, and little decorations. The restaurant’s family has strong political beliefs, which might not be everyone’s tea. However, overall, it is a great place to find carne guisada for the good people of Houston.

Address: 2601 Navigation Blvd, Houston, TX 77003, United States
Phone: +1 713-224-3317

La Rosa Blanca

La Rosa Blanca

I’m not much of a breakfast fan, but I took some friends there for a late breakfast. This small, tucked-away restaurant didn’t wow me. I wouldn’t have noticed it if I hadn’t been near Bolillos Bakery on Airline Blvd. It’s tucked away on the side near Service St., towards the back left side of the building.

The servers were nice, but they took about 15 minutes to take our orders, which is completely understandable as the place is mostly busy. Our food came out another 15 minutes later. This place serves more of a fancy Tex-Mex style of food. The pozole and menudo were delicious, but I was eyeing the carne guisada on the menu.

I ordered the carne guisada, and it was just spicy with juicy pieces of meat. Like any other family-owned business, you can bet the food was prepared with consideration. Overall, this place was a sweet dive but nothing remarkable. However, it can pass for selling one of the best carne guisadas in Houston, TX.

Address: 2430 Airline Dr., Suite A, Houston, TX 77009, United States
Phone: +1 713-868-2060

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Tejas Taco House

Tejas Taco House

This Mexican restaurant in Houston’s Chinatown is cozy and friendly and serves delicious food. Plenty of seats are available, you order at the counter, and there are many tasty options. It’s a bit of a surprise to find such good Mexican food in Chinatown, known more for its Asian cuisine.

I went there for lunch (they’re only open for breakfast and lunch and closed on Sundays) and tried the combination plate: a crispy beef taco, a cheese enchilada, and a bean tostada with rice and refried beans. I finished everything because it was so good! Each item was made just right: the beef taco was juicy and tasty, the cheese enchilada had the perfect amount of cheese, and the bean tostada was crunchy and fresh.

And the funny thing is my taste buds were still itching to eat the carne guisada. It was a plate of one perfectly tender beef stew. However, I found the seasoning low to my taste. It’s a hidden gem that serves the office workers and students nearby. They open early and close at 3 pm. Their carne guisada is worth a try. The décor is amazing, and they also have kid-friendly options on their menu.

Address: 9545 Town Park Dr, Houston, TX 77036, United States
Phone: +1 713-771-1038

 Villa Arcos

Villa Arcos

Villa Arcos is back with their famous breakfast tacos! This spot in Houston’s East End is a classic favorite. I can’t even explain how much I missed their Chorizo Super taco—it’s got chorizo, eggs, potatoes with beans, and yellow cheese, all wrapped in a yummy flour tortilla. And guess what? Their carne guisada was as Mexican as one can be!

Let me talk to those who say the food isn’t the same as before. Well, tastes change, and cooks have their way of making things. But what hasn’t changed at Villa Arcos is how delicious that first bite of taco is! With just two bites, I returned to all those good food memories. Because really, isn’t food all about sharing with the people we love?

I thought about friends who aren’t with me anymore but shared great times and meals at this special spot in Houston. Oh, and here’s a secret: They are open on Mondays now! We arrived right before noon, and despite being busy, we didn’t have to wait too long. But the food was delicious. I wouldn’t mind eating in the car. In short, this place serves one of the best carne guisadas in Houston, TX, so try it out there. It’s worth the effort and money of all my foodie folks.

Address: 3009 Navigation Blvd, Houston, TX 77003, United States
Phone: +1 832-426-4766

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Chilosos Taco House

Chilosos Taco House

I recently had lunch at Chilosos Taco House, and it was outstanding! The food was delicious, the staff was nice, and the place felt cozy and inviting as soon as I walked in.

Let’s talk about the food first. The portions were big, and everything tasted so good! Whether it was the sizzling fajitas, yummy enchiladas, or tasty tacos, each dish was made perfectly. The ingredients were fresh, and the flavors were strong and tasty. They charged $50 for 2 carne guisada plates, 2 cokes, 2 tacos and 2 extra Tortillas. But it was worth it.

The main star, Carne Guisada, was tender and yum, as usual.  The restaurant felt cozy and homey, making the whole experience even better. The parking lot is just gravel with parking spots scattered around randomly. There aren’t too many tables but plenty of outdoor seating.

You order your food at the counter near the entrance. Once you have ordered, you can pick any spot, and they will bring your food and sauces to your table. My group and I chose to sit outside in the little courtyard area, which was nice. The food came out pretty quickly, in batches as it was ready.

This place deserves a try, and I decided while finishing my plate that it would make it to my list of best carne guisada in Houston, TX.

Address: 701 E 20th St, Houston, TX 77008, United States
Phone: +1 713-868-2273

Author’s Remarks

Houston’s food scene is like a treasure trove of flavors from around the globe. It disappoints no one, so if you are a Mexican cuisine lover, the restaurants mentioned above can curb your hunger for Mexican food but with a Tex-Mex fusion.

They offer many things and vary in taste, but there is one similarity. They all served the best carne guisada dishes in Houston, TX. It’s a hearty, comforting meal that warms you up from the inside out.

Whether digging into a steaming bowl at a cozy diner or grabbing a taco, Houston’s carne guisada is a culinary delight that will have you returning for more. Bon Appetite!

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