Top Yarn Stores in Houston, TX

It might come as a surprise to you, but many Houstonians enjoy knitting, no matter their background. Some people think knitting is just for rich people, but a number of people, including those who knit because it’s budget-friendly, love it. They enjoy picking affordable yarns.

Houston has several yarn shops where knitters can find what they need. Places like Park Avenue Yarns, Nimble Fingers Needle Arts and Knitting, and Nancy’s Knits offer all kinds of yarn and supplies. These shops are hubs for knitters to try different yarns, patterns, and tools, adding to Houston’s lively knitting scene.

In Houston, knitting is about being creative, feeling part of a community, and having lots of choices in yarn and styles. With so many yarn stores around, it’s clear that knitting is a big deal and loved by many in the city. Let’s begin our hunt for the top yarn stores in Houston, TX.

Nancy’s Knits

Nancy Knits

You would never know Nancy’s Knits was hidden in this generally run-down Meyerland plaza if you were just driving by. There’s a Walgreens, the local favorite Chinese restaurant, Hunan Hut, and a used bookstore. Next to Hunan Hut, without even an overhead sign, is this charming yarn shop.

I wandered in and was immediately delighted by the jungle of yarn—a winding maze of bins stacked higher than my head. There were many brands available, including some high-end options that cost over $50 for a 50g skein and some of the more unique brands I like. They had Debbie Bliss, Plymouth’s Galloway, and much more.

However, I didn’t see any Cascade (though I might have missed it), very little Rowan, and no Brown Sheep. These are brands I consider “staples” for reliable, good-quality yarns that are nice but not luxurious.

I was warmly greeted by Nancy herself. When I told her I was looking for a ‘super chunky’ yarn for my grandmother, she showed me everything in the store that matched. I looked around to see if she had missed anything, but nope, she knew her store well. This is impressive because she has more yarn packed in than in many larger stores.

Bring your pattern, and she will help you pick the perfect yarn. This is great for ‘not beginner but still lousy knitter’ types. I also grabbed some new recycled wood knitting needles—Nancy helped me choose the brand. After you pick your yarn, there are lots of cool knitting accessories to check out. Nancy offers knitting classes on Monday nights, and I imagine they’re really pleasant because of her calm, reassuring manner.

There are many hipster-staffed knitting shops now, but this is one of the classic yarn stores in Houston, Texas, with a hip selection. Remember, no sign, but once you see the Walgreens and the Mailboxes, etc., in this plaza, you’re in the right place. You can also take your knitting next door to Fioza coffee shop—many people do.

Address: 5300 N Braeswood Blvd APT 30, Houston, TX 77096, United States
Phone: +1 713-661-9411

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Nimble fingers

This place is a heaven for knitters. It is located in a shopping center on Memorial. This is a small store in some ways, yet large in others, with two parts as you come in the door – go left for needlepoint, embroidery, and beadwork, or go right for knitting and crochet supplies.

Both areas have a large sitting space and room for workers and classes, and during my visit, both were occupied, which I found charming. A wide range of yarns; that’s not my area, so I can’t speak with expertise, but the colors were gorgeous, and the quality was clear. They also offer classes, and the staff is helpful. Yarn prices are a bit higher, but the quality is worth it. It is one of the smallest yet charming yarn shops in Houston, TX.

Address: 6518 Del Monte Dr, Houston, TX 77057, United States
Phone: +1 713-722-7244

JOANN Fabric and Crafts

This is one of the most beautiful yarn shops in Houston, Texas. It’s very large, with a huge selection of fabrics, crafts, artificial flowers, sewing tools, and everything you might want for DIY projects. Shopping here is a joy, and it’s hard to leave without buying something. Plus, the Joann app offers great coupons that really help with savings.

The store is massive and spacious, with many craft tables and an extensive selection of items that most JoAnn stores don’t have. It’s even better than many suburban stores because it’s shiny and new, having opened in the last year or two. It’s everything a JoAnn store should be: big, bold, and fancy. It’s unusual for an urban store to be nicer than a suburban one, but this one has a modern and upscale feel.

However, because it’s in Meyerland, it doesn’t have as much stock as some suburban stores since it sells out quickly due to its inner-city location.

Address: 290 Meyerland Plz Houston, TX 77096
Phone: (832) 603-4830

Kani Kettu | Nordic Yarn

Kani Keetu

This store is well-stocked with charming neutrals. I haven’t had the chance to visit the physical store yet, but I passed by one day and thought it would be a great place to get a present for my friend who loves to knit and crochet. I placed an online order and reached out about a gift receipt. Edgar responded quickly and went above and beyond to ensure the order was shipped on time. The recipient was very happy with the yarn.

I love the selection of yarns, the display of sweaters and other knit projects, the swatch board, and the friendly owners. They offer modern yarns with a Scandinavian touch. Their main brand, Isager Yarns from Denmark, is known for its quality and style.

They also have popular yarns from Knitting for Olive, Camarose, Istex Lopi, and Tukuwool. Additionally, they provide high-quality supplies and tools from Cocoknits and Lykke Crafts. The shop layout is also great. It is one of the most modern yarn shops in the Houston area. I highly recommend visiting when you get the chance.

Address: 10211 Cypresswood Dr #600, Houston, TX 77070, United States
Phone: +1 281-758-2838

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Park Avenue Yarns

Park Avenue Yarns

They have a huge selection of hand-dyed yarns and natural fibers, including lots of Malabrigo and Madeline Tosh. Even though I’m not a sewer, I noticed they also had a ton of cute printed fabrics.

I visited on a Sunday afternoon and appreciated that they are open on Sundays, which is rare for a yarn shop. They sell a range of fabrics, from everyday quilting cotton to Liberty of London cotton lawn. Their yarn variety is amazing, too, featuring Borocco, Fiber (something?), active pair-perfect sock yarn, and many other weights.

They also carry unique fibers that other shops don’t usually have, as well as roving and Ashford spinning wheels (Kiwi 3 and Country Spinner) and Regis heddle looms. The staff was super nice to everyone. Their way of providing assistance was extremely polite. It’s a well-stocked yarn shop near Houston, TX. I recommend visiting once if you have a knack for knitting.

Address: 315 S Friendswood Dr. Friendswood, TX 77546
Phone: (832) 932-0300

Wrapping Up

Whether you like knitting or are clueless (like me) about it, looking at those vibrant colors of yarn is fascinating. Those bundles of yarn allow knitters to express creativity, versatility, functionality, and a touch of personalization through their crafts.

Hope these carefully chosen yarn stores in Houston, TX, help find knitting enthusiasts what they need. Keep being creative with clothing, home decor, accessories, or toys. See you next time!

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