Top 5 Korean BBQ Restaurants in Houston, Texas

If you’re looking for a great place to eat in Houston but don’t know where to start, take a look at our list of the top 7 Korean BBQ restaurants in Houston, TX.

Houston has a lot of restaurants, and it can be tough to pick the perfect one. We’ve put together our favorite Korean BBQ spots so you can enjoy some tasty and authentic Korean cuisine. Whether you’re going out with friends or having a family lunch, you’ll find plenty of options in the city.

Discover Houston’s Finest Korean BBQ Restaurants

Our selection includes a variety of restaurants with different price ranges, ensuring there’s something for everyone. If you prefer dining at home, many of these restaurants also provide takeout and delivery options.

Without delay, here are our top 5 Korean BBQ dining spots!

1. Gen Korean BBQ House

Gen Korean BBQ House

Gen Korean BBQ House: A Vibrant Hub for Modern Korean Delights

Gen Korean BBQ House is a bustling restaurant known for its contemporary Korean cuisine. Here, you have two tempting options: indulge in their All-You-Can-Eat buffet, or savor the convenience of having their delectable meats delivered for cooking in the comfort of your home. It’s a family-friendly spot that’s also perfect for catching up with friends. However, be prepared for crowds, especially on weekends, and the possibility of a lengthy wait.

Delightful Menu Selection

At Gen Korean BBQ House, you’re in for a treat. They offer perfectly grilled beef, pork, and chicken, alongside Korean specialties like Beef Bulgogi (thinly sliced and marinated prime chuck roll cut) and Gobchang (lightly marinated ox small intestine).

All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Pricing

The All-You-Can-Eat buffet experience comes at a price of $29.99 (excluding tax).

Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Despite the hustle and bustle, Gen Korean BBQ House welcomes families with open arms. The All-You-Can-Eat option is particularly convenient when dining with young children, allowing you to cater to their preferences.

Quench Your Thirst

The restaurant also features a bar offering a range of beverages, including soft drinks, juices, and cocktails.

Address: 3201 Louisiana St Ste 101 Houston, TX 77006
Food: Beef, pork, chicken, combos, and samplers
Our Recommendation: Beef Bulgogi



Address: 1453 Witte Rd Houston, TX 77080
Food: Steak, stews, rice dishes, salads
Our Recommendation: Butcher’s Feast

BORI: Your Destination for Delicious Korean Steak

BORI is the go-to place if you’re craving mouthwatering Korean steak. It’s a relaxed, trendy, and lively restaurant, making it perfect for larger gatherings. While it can get quite busy, it remains family-friendly and even offers convenient takeout and delivery options.

Irresistible Menu Highlights

BORI boasts a variety of incredible dishes to satisfy your taste buds. You might want to try their “butcher’s feast,” a tantalizing combination of beef belly, boneless pork ribs, and marinated pork belly. Alternatively, explore options like “dol-sop bibimbap,” featuring beef, vegetables, and soft-poached eggs with gochujang in a stone pot.

Pricing Insights

When it comes to their steak offerings, BORI falls on the pricier side. High-quality cuts come with a slightly higher price tag, ranging from $60 to $120 for meat platters. However, if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, the “dol-sop bibimbap” is available for just $15.

Family-Friendly Environment

Although BORI caters to families, it’s important to note that they don’t have a dedicated kids’ menu.

Quench Your Thirst

The restaurant features a full bar with a selection of draft beers, Soju, and Korean wine to complement your meal.

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Address: 1411 Gessner Rd Ste A Houston, TX 77080
Food: Rice, noodles, pancakes, chicken, beef, pork, seafood
Our Recommendation: Korean Fried Wings and Thighs

Kure Wings and Grill: Perfect for Family and Friends

Kure Wings and Grill is a fantastic spot for a meal with your loved ones, whether it’s family or friends. They have great deals for both lunch and dinner, and if you prefer dining at home, they also offer convenient takeout and delivery services.

Delightful Menu Choices

At Kure Wings and Grill, you’re in for a treat with a diverse selection of marinated and grilled chicken, beef, pork, and seafood. The marinated pork belly is a real crowd-pleaser, and don’t miss their Korean fried wings and thighs with a choice of spicy glaze, soy sauce, or lemon pepper sauce. Seafood lovers won’t be disappointed either.

Exploring Unique Flavors

For those seeking something different, try the Japchae (stir-fry glass noodles with vegetables and bulgogi) or the seafood pancake (fried pancakes with onion, scallop, squid, and shrimp).

Affordable Pricing

Kure Wings and Grill offers reasonably priced dishes, with main courses ranging from approximately $12 to $15 and sliced and grilled rib-eye for $17.99. They also have appetizers available for around $8 to $12.

Family-Friendly Vibes

The restaurant boasts a friendly atmosphere, making it suitable for families. They even provide child-sized portions at about half the price of an adult’s serving.

Thirst-Quenching Choices

To accompany your meal, you can enjoy soft drinks, tea, juices, and root beer at Kure Wings and Grill.

4. Korea Garden

Korea Garden

Address: 9501 Long Point Rd Houston, TX 77055
Food: Barbeque, stews, soups, rice dishes, noodles, and fried dishes, hot pots
Our Recommendation: Dak Gui

Korea Garden Restaurant: A Houston Korean Classic Since 1984

Korea Garden Restaurant proudly stands as one of Houston’s longest-running Korean eateries, serving satisfied patrons since 1984. Known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere, this restaurant excels in customer service and is equally hospitable to families. Plus, they offer the convenience of takeout and delivery services.

Delectable Menu Offerings

At Korea Garden Restaurant, you’ll discover a tantalizing array of dishes to satisfy your taste buds. Options like “dak gui” (boneless chicken marinated in garlic and ginger sauce), “oh jing uh gui” (spicy marinated squid), and “la galbi” (marinated lateral short ribs with bone) showcase the rich flavors of Korean cuisine. If you’re in the mood for noodles and fried delights, consider trying the “Yeol moo mo meel” (chilled buckwheat vermicelli noodles in Yeol-moo kimchi soup) or the “jae-yook bokeum” (stir-fried spicy marinated pork and stir-fried kimchi).

Pricing Insights

While Korea Garden Restaurant’s prices tend to be slightly above the average range, with dishes starting at $15 and going up to around $35, the quality of their offerings more than justifies the cost.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Although Korea Garden Restaurant is an excellent choice for families, it’s worth noting that they do not have a dedicated kids’ menu.

Quench Your Thirst

The restaurant offers a variety of beverages, including soft drinks and cocktails, to complement your dining experience.

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5. Honey Pig

Honey Pig

Address: 9140 Bellaire Blvd Ste B Houston, TX 77036
Food: Pork, beef, and seafood barbeque, soups, rice, and noodles
Our Recommendation: Pork bulgogi

Honey Pig: Where Casual Meets Trendy for Groups and Families

Honey Pig offers a relaxed yet fashionable dining experience. It’s a lively and bustling spot, making it a great choice for both families and groups of friends. While they provide convenient takeout options, there’s no delivery service available.

A Feast of Barbecue Delights

At Honey Pig, you’re in for a treat with their diverse barbecue menu featuring pork, beef, seafood, and combo plates. Don’t miss out on the delectable pork bulgogi, a dish that combines thinly sliced sautéed pork and vegetables. You have the option to spice it up if you prefer. Alternatively, opt for a combo plate featuring beef, pork, shrimp, and squid.

Beyond Barbecue

For those not in the mood for barbecue, Honey Pig offers a selection of rice and noodle dishes. Their buckwheat noodles in cold broth are a tasty choice, or you can savor the flavors of their dumpling soup with rice cakes.

Pricing Considerations

While Honey Pig’s prices tend to be slightly above average, the generous portion sizes and quality of food make it worthwhile. For instance, you can enjoy bibimbap for $12.99, while barbecue plates’ prices vary depending on your selection.

Family-Friendly Touch

Honey Pig warmly welcomes families and even offers a kid’s meal priced at $9.99. This meal includes options like beef or chicken bulgogi, steamed egg and rice, and a choice of juice or soda.

Refreshing Beverage Options

For beverages, Honey Pig offers a selection of juices and soft drinks to quench your thirst and complement your meal.

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Discover the best Korean BBQ spots in Houston, offering diverse menus and family-friendly atmospheres. From Gen Korean BBQ House’s vibrant dining to BORI’s mouthwatering steaks, there’s something for everyone. Kure Wings and Grill, Korea Garden Restaurant, and Honey Pig also deliver delightful Korean flavors. Explore these options for an unforgettable dining experience.

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