Sean Teare Surges Ahead, Wins Democratic Primary Against Harris County DA Kim Ogg

In a stunning turn of events, Sean Teare clinched victory in the Democratic primary, crushing Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg’s bid for a third term. Early voting numbers revealed Teare leading by an impressive 78% to 22%, marking a decisive win.

Celebrating his triumph at the 8th Wonder Brewery, Teare expressed his excitement about gearing up for the general election, where he will face a Republican challenger in November. The former prosecutor vowed to challenge state laws, particularly pushing back against SB4 and advocating for reproductive rights.

“We are going to be a thorn in Austin’s side, we are going to continue to push back against these draconian laws that are getting passed,” Teare declared during an interview with Houston Public Media.

This primary battle unfolded against a backdrop of longstanding tensions between Ogg and fellow county Democratic leaders. The rift extended to clashes with activists on the more progressive side of the party. The ongoing feud with Judge Lina Hidalgo and the Democratic majority on the Harris County Commissioners Court centered on funding for the DA’s Office.

Ogg’s investigation into Hidalgo aides and subsequent indictments fueled the fire, with Hidalgo endorsing Teare and the Democratic Party passing a resolution admonishing Ogg.

In her concession speech, Ogg emphasized, “There is a saying about judging a person by their friends and by their enemies. And I have made some powerful enemies for all the right reasons.”

Teare faced criticism from Ogg for not disclosing his law partnership with Dan Cogdell, who represented one of Hidalgo’s aides. Teare pledged to recuse himself and his office from the case, handing it over to a neutral third party.

During his campaign, Teare accused Ogg of breaking the DA’s office through her restructuring of the Intake Bureau, leading to an increase in cases lacking probable cause and contributing to jail overcrowding. The bitter intraparty contest highlighted morale issues within the DA’s office under Ogg’s leadership.

While the primary victory is a significant milestone, Teare’s path to the District Attorney’s Office is uncertain.

The looming challenge includes facing Republican Dan Simons in the general election and rallying support from Ogg’s followers after a heated intra-party struggle.

“I’m ready to go,” Teare affirmed. “I can’t wait to communicate my message and vision of the office to a broader audience.”

In this unexpected turn of events, Sean Teare secures a commanding win in the Democratic primary, but the road ahead remains challenging as he prepares to face a Republican opponent and strives to unite a divided party.

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