Best Places for Chai in Houston, TX

Every chai lover can’t go a day without a good cup of tea wherever they are in the world. Luckily, if you are in Houston, fear no more; Houston’s chai scene is as diverse as the city itself, with cozy cafes and bustling tea houses waiting to be discovered.

But what makes the best chai stand out? It’s that perfect blend of fragrant spices, creamy texture, and just the right balance of sweetness. The chai warms you up from the inside out and leaves you craving another sip.

Chai is steeped in tradition in Houston, with recipes passed down through generations. You will also find innovative twists on this classic drink, with local flavors and creative combinations that’ll surprise and delight your taste buds.

Whether you prefer your chai traditional or with a modern twist, Houston has something for everyone. So, stay tuned. Who knows? You might just find your new favorite chai spot right around the corner.

1. Super Chai n Paan

super chai n paan

Chai n paan sounds like a great convenience to enjoy two traditional sub-continental delicacies. I’m certain the chai there will take you to the Indian or Pakistani road stalls. Being a local here, I have also craved the dood patti masala chai often since I have been there. It costs only $1 and is served in a clean and spacious place; what more could locals and foreign Houstonians ask for?

They haven’t ignored the paratha and chai affair. They serve chai, and you can get different kinds of stuffed parathas. I ordered an aloo paratha with just the right spices and mashed potatoes blend. Undoubtedly the best chai in Houston, TX, to try.

It’s a great spot for the design and vegetarians to hang out. However, they don’t provide outdoor seating, which seems to be their only drawback to me. And the lady on the register only speaks Spanish, so be ready to handle this little communication barrier. I regret not trying their paan, though; maybe next time?

Address: 6403 Hillcroft St, Houston, TX 77081, United States
Phone Number: +1 713-219-9061

2. Tea Top

Tea top

This place is a favorite Boba spot for me and many others. The place lacks space, but the tables are well-arranged to accommodate a reasonable crowd. Yes, you can expect it to be crowded, especially on weekend nights, so I won’t recommend students hang out there to sit and study like other coffee shops. However, despite the crowding situation, their service is remarkably quick. The only drawback is the staff can work more on their attitude being a barista.

Another great thing to mention is that if you are indecisive, they have their top 10 drinks listed, making it convenient for you to choose from them. I liked their jasmine milk tea and grapefruit green tea. The consistency was balanced with no excessive sweetness to cast a curse on your dental health.

They also have some good photo spots for the selfie kings and queens out there. They have a pretty diverse menu; you can almost make your tea, and perhaps a fusion of Asian flavors with a Western one. When we come to the décor, it’s nice and chic. The dying chili plant on the corner adds more chicness to the look. Good place for an affordable coffee date. And Dun Huang Plaza is busy, so expect lots of parking space!

Address: 9889 Bellaire Blvd E203, Houston, TX 77036, United States
Phone: +1 281-501-1381

3. TeaFix


Craving for a relaxed Boba and coffee shop vibe? TeaFix is the right spot located in Nha Trang Plaza. All their milk teas are great, but I like the egg coffee, the punchy roast of coffee with a rich and custardy creamy texture that hugs your tongue and sticks to your palate to leave a tasty imprint. The egg looked like a pile of foam, so I was unsure how to deal with it, but the staff was friendly and willing to help you in any way they could.

A must-try recommendation! This place also works as a good study spot with comfortable cushiony chairs. They even have a plant décor inside, and boy, it’s a vibe! It was nice and quiet, with no distractions around 2:00-3:00 pm on Thursday.

However, their ice maker is pretty noisy and can even cover the sound of music sometimes; I hope they place it somewhere else. So far, it is the best Vietnamese café in Houston, TX. The barista was friendly and explained every drink in detail. In short, it’s a clean and cozy place to find the best chai in Houston, TX.

Address: 6938 Wilcrest Dr suite e-1, Houston, TX 77072, United States
Phone: +1 281-721-2692

4. 7 Leaves Cafe

7 Leaves Cafe

A considerate chai option in Houston, TX. They even have a disclaimer that they are not responsible for any allergies caused by nuts! It is new to me. So, I started with the Matcha milk tea; it was as milky as I like. Their service was quick, and the menu was limited but consistent. The coffee shop has an elegant modern interior, with a flavorful range of chai options that don’t taste like syrups.

You also get an option to place your order on their app, and the drinks take hardly 5 minutes to prepare. The only drawback is that drinks are readymade, so you can’t adjust them, but it’s alright; at least you get to enjoy the original flavors. They only offer takeouts, so don’t expect a dine-in. The staff wore masks, and a plexiglass divided them and the customers. All the hype about this chain opening their first shop in Texas was worth it.

The place is neat and well-lit, with natural lighting. It has a thoughtful seating arrangement, including small tables, large tables, bar stools, etc. It even has plenty of electric outlets in case your phone or laptop needs charging. Convenience at its best, right? Serves as a good place for students except for nights and weekends, as the place can be loud. Glad to find another chai destination in Houston, TX.

Address: 9798 Bellaire Blvd Ste B Houston, TX 77036
Phone: (832) 409-5538

5. Jade’s Teahouse

Jades Teahouse

I got to discover this place while passing by. The cute lounge vibe encouraged me to step in. The moment I stepped in, my nostrils were hit by the smell of crispy egg rolls and BBQ sandwiches, which worked up my appetite. I ordered a milk tea and egg sandwich, and to my surprise, they even offer various types of milk for your tea, like almond milk.

To be honest, the existence of such a cozy place in such a weird area was surprising. But life is all about surprises, isn’t it? They even have a cute and super cozy comic and Star Wars-themed area. All the reasons to bring your kids in! You won’t be disappointed. Each purchase gets points for a free drink, and there are also happy hour discounts. Somewhat sporty! The place also has free Wi-Fi, so you don’t have to worry about the pending work.

You can even take small breaks during the study if you go to West Loop HCC down the street. It’s not just about chai; you can also try their wide range of smoothies, as Houston can get hot sometimes. To a chai lover’s delight, this can be the best chai in Houston, TX, with 15 tea options. I found that impressive.

Address: 5475 W Loop S, Houston, TX 77081, United States
Phone: +1 281-974-1437

6. The Path of Tea

the path of tea

This is probably the only herbal chai spot in Houston, TX, with 130+ tea options. The menu is vast. You can ask the staff for a recommendation. I felt surprised by the relaxing vibes this place has to give, almost like an herbal spa. They had amazing tea with herbal mixtures for digestion and immunity boosting. You can even get a sharing pot. The simplistic décor and peacefulness of the place were charming. I ordered a golden Yunnan black and coconut tea, and I could smell the coconut as soon as it arrived at my table. I just wish they had more food options to serve.

So, it’s not recommended for hungry folks! This place is perfect for you if you are a freshly brewed organic tea lover. It has pretty much everything you can expect from an authentic tea shop. The relaxing Japanese music, soft, cushiony chairs and warm lights. So far, a cozy chai spot in Houston, TX, to cherish.

Address: 2340 W Alabama St, Houston, TX 77098, United States
Phone: +1 713-252-4473

Concluding Thoughts

To some chai lovers, especially Asians, chai is not a drink but a necessity. While being in Houston, TX, the best chai can be found in the above-mentioned spots. So, you don’t have to deal with the fear of missing out on your favorite drink.

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