Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Houston, TX

Recently, my old lady (mother) started experiencing the creaks and groans of aging bones. The orthopedic issues make the golden years challenging for our beloved elders. And I went about my exploration business to spot the best orthopedic surgeon in Houston, TX. Why not? She deserves the best possible care! I began my search with Google, and it blew my mind off (in a bad way) that there are 721 orthopedic surgeons in Houston, TX. Finding the best among them was nothing easier than finding a needle in the hay. I decided to dive into reviews to narrow my search down. Stay tuned for more scoop on what I found, especially if you have an older adult at home.

Dr. Mufaddal M. Gombera

DR Muffadal Gombera

Dr. Gombera is a board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon. His expertise lies in developing minimally invasive techniques and effective treatment plans, avoiding complex surgeries. He continuously learns and utilizes modern methods to treat sports-related injuries of the shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee, as well as shoulder replacement.
Dr. Gombera is also the Director of the Hip Preservation Center at Texas Orthopedic Hospital. He is kind and always welcomes you with a smiling face; he instructs trainees and fellow surgeons at Texas Orthopedic Hospital and various courses throughout the country. So, you can leave your issue to the expert and cherish a pain-free, better life.

Address: 7401 Main St, Houston, TX 77030
Phone Number: (713) 794-3457

Dr. David M. Bloome

Dr David Bloome

Dr. David M. Bloome was the top-ranking contender on Google; maybe the result of hiring a good SEO service? I had to check it to believe it. Dr. Bloome can be found at Fondren Orthopedic Hospital. Most of the patient reviews were positive. Judging by all his experiences, I can tell Dr. Bloome is very kind and best at what he does. He is considerate enough to seek follow-ups from his patients after the treatment. He is known as one of the best foot surgeons in Houston, TX. He is highly skilled and can incorporate this with the latest techniques. The staff is also caring, efficient, and compassionate toward patients. It was satisfying to see how he has nurtured countless people back to their normal lives with his knowledge and gifted skills. From consultation to treatments and follow-ups, Dr. Bloome will be considerate. If you seek an orthopedic professional who can even go the extra mile to ensure your patient’s health, he is the one.

Address: 7401 South Main Street, Houston, TX 77030
Phone Number: (713) 799-2300

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Dr. Omar Atassi

Dr Omar Attasi

Dr. Omar Atassi is affiliated with multiple hospitals in Houston, TX. He diagnoses and treats conditions of the muscles, bones, and joints. He also specializes in treating sports injuries, degenerative diseases, tumors, infections, and congenital disabilities. With 11 years of experience, he is also a good choice for performing joint repair and replacement surgeries.
You can also receive affordable skilled care for your issues as they accept various insurance plans at their practice. The staff Is professional yet friendly and easygoing. Appointment scheduling is a breeze for patients. Dr. Attassi explains the treatments and conditions well and quickly answers your queries and concerns.

Address: 7200 Cambridge St Suite 10A, Houston, TX 77030
Phone Number: (713) 986-6016

Dr. Taylor D. Brown

Dr Taylor D Brown

Dr. Taylor D. Brown is a competent and down-to-earth orthopedic surgeon. He is professional and very honest about his treatment approaches. He will even communicate honestly about the chances of recovery you have after the surgery. He won’t make you feel rushed as other physicians sometimes do. You can easily communicate with him, and he will be attentive. The best thing I found is that he does not suggest surgery as a go-to option. Dr. Brown’s assistant is also very helpful and informative. Therefore, there is no shortage of sincere concern for the patients. So, if you are looking for open communication with an appropriate treatment. Dr. Brown is one of the best Orthopedic surgeons in Houston, TX, for you.

Address: 5505 West Loop South Houston, TX 77081
Phone Number: (713) 441-9000

Dr. Catherine Cahill

Dr Catherine Cahill

Dr. Catherine Cahill’s main specialty is knee replacement. According to most of her patients, she has great bedside manners and an attentive team. She considers every patient’s well-being and immediately responds to their concerns at She is skilled, professional, and detailed. While attending to patients, you can share any of your concerns openly.
You can expect her to listen well and act quickly with a solution. No matter how busy the clinic is or if there are other emergencies, you can have her full attention. If you need your problem thoroughly evaluated with an appropriate treatment plan, Dr. Catherine Cahill at Kelsey-Seybold Clinic is your best bet in Houston, TX.

Address: 7200 Cambridge St Suite 10A, Houston, TX 77030
Phone Number: (713) 986-6016

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Dr. William M Granberry

Dr William Granberry

Dr. William is another considerate orthopedic doctor with an efficient staff. As per his patients, he does not beat the bush and comes clean about your problem and the right treatment. He also makes you feel relaxed and comforted throughout the treatment. From initial paperwork to recovery, Dr. William and his staff will cooperate to ensure you are in skilled hands. This makes him a knowledgeable and one of the best orthopedic surgeons in Houston, TX.

Address: 7200 Cambridge St Suite 10A, Houston, TX 77030
Phone Number: (713) 986-6016

Ending Note

With the help of a patient review, I prepared this list of the best orthopedic surgeons in Houston, TX. Wonder which one of these we decided to consult? Dr. Mufaddal M. Gombera, we needed a professional who avoided surgery at all costs and opted for a quick recovery with non-invasive procedures. We consulted him for Hip Bursitis; he is a patient listener and thoughtful advisor. It has been a great, hassle-free experience from initial consultation to full recovery. So, if you have a patient suffering from any orthopedic condition, I hope this thoughtfully put–together list helps you.

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