Top Places to Sell Your Car in Houston

If you want to sell your car in Houston, you’ve got plenty of good options.

Houston has many places where you can do it, whether you’re getting a new car or just saying goodbye to your old one.

You can use websites, regular car dealerships, or even local ads.

In this guide, we’ll talk about the best places to sell your car in Houston.

AutoNation USA Houston


AutoNation USA Houston is an easy and stress-free option for selling your car in the lively city of Houston.

Unlike some other places, AutoNation USA Houston is all about making the process as simple as possible.

Whether you only want to sell your car and not buy another one, they are here to help.

One thing that makes AutoNation USA Houston special is how clear and convenient they are.

They don’t just give you a rough guess for your car’s worth; they provide a certified offer.

This offer is not only for real cash but is also guaranteed for a generous 7 days or up to 500 more miles on your car.

This gives you lots of time to decide. What really makes AutoNation USA Houston stand out is how fast and smooth the process is.

You can take your guaranteed offer and your car to any AutoNation store, and they will give you a check right there on the same day.

This means you can leave their place with money in your pocket without any delay.

When you pick AutoNation USA Houston, selling your car becomes an easy and worry-free experience, making sure you get a good deal and quick payment.



Selling your car in Houston doesn’t have to be a headache, and GiveMeTheVin proves just that with its straightforward approach.

Here’s how it all works in simple terms:

Get an Offer

To kick things off, share your car’s 17-digit VIN and describe how it looks and runs. Throw in a few photos, too.

If you send your info during work hours, expect to hear back in 15-30 minutes.

They might call to double-check your details and ask some questions about your car to nail down its value.

We Pick It Up or You Drop It Off

Once you agree on the car’s value, GiveMeTheVin sets up a time and place that suits you to grab your car.

If you live close to one of their spots, you can just take it there, and their local folks will give you a hand.

No need to clean it up – they’ll handle that part after you hand it over.

Seal the Deal

When they pick up your car or you drop it off, their team takes a close look to make sure it’s as you described.

They do this to figure out how much to pay you.

The amount might be up for discussion based on their assessment, but they’re all about being fair.

They’ll give you an honest offer that matches your car’s condition.

In Houston, GiveMeTheVin offers a simple way to sell your car, making it a breeze for folks who want a good deal without the stress.



Selling your car in Houston is a breeze with Edmunds. They’ve made it super simple for you.

First, just type in your car’s VIN or license plate. You don’t need to share your personal stuff, so your info stays safe.

Next, you’ll get a cash offer that’s good for a whole week. Take your time to decide what you want to do.

When you’re ready, bring your car in for a quick check. You’ll walk out with a check in your hand.

No waiting for the right buyer, no pressure to sell, and no need to give out your contact info.

Edmunds makes selling your car in Houston easy-peasy. Sell your car today and get paid quickly with Edmunds!



Selling your car in Houston can be simple and stress-free with Driveo.

Instead of dealing with all the troubles of selling it privately or settling for a low trade-in offer, Driveo offers you a better solution.

Start by getting a fast online quote from Driveo.

If you like the price, just drive your car to our Houston location, and you’ll get your cash quickly.

It’s a quick and easy way to get the most money for your car without all the usual hassles.

Driveo makes selling your car in Houston a breeze.


When it’s time to sell your car in Houston, you’ve got some good choices. You can go fast and easy with a dealership, try to get a good price with a private sale, or use online platforms for convenience. Just make sure to do your homework, know what’s good and bad about each option, and think about your own needs and timing. With the right plan, you can sell your car in Houston and get a deal that makes you happy with both your money and your peace of mind.

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