Top 9 Budget-Friendly Hair Braiding Salons in Houston, Texas

When it comes to selecting a new hair salon, a considerable amount of trust is involved. Fortunately, the city boasts a plethora of reliable, amiable, and highly skilled braiding artists.

Allow our comprehensive handbook to lead you to the 9 Most Affordable Hair Braiding Studios in Houston, TX. Uncover an array of talented braiding experts who offer exceptional services without breaking the bank.

Discover the Finest Hair Braiding Salons in Houston

Having endured a disappointing hair salon experience myself, I understand the struggle of finding a reliable one to fix it. When you invest significant time and money in getting your hair braided, trust becomes paramount.

Allow me to present a list of Houston’s most exceptional and reasonably priced salons. While prices may differ, these establishments are renowned for their premium braiding and natural hair care, all offered at a fair cost.

First, let’s explore the main features of each salon, followed by in-depth information on the diverse braid types they provide, pricing details, and additional services available.

Without any specific ranking, here are eight of my personal favorites!

1. Bibi Hair Braiding

Address: 2575 Dairy Ashford Dr Ste F Houston, TX 77077
Website: None
Services: Clip-in, fusion, and tape-in hair extension application, hair extension removal, many types of braids and weaves

Introducing the renowned Bibi Hair Braiding Shop, a beloved hotspot in Houston where affordable and exquisite hair braiding thrives. Bibi’s mastery in braiding is simply unmatched, offering a vast array of styles, each exuding uniqueness and charm. Delve into the world of crochet braids, Havana twists, micro and box braids, French braids, cornrows, fish braids, Senegalese twists, kinky twists, bobs, tree braids, faux locs, Goddess braids, and weaves. For those with a distinct vision in mind, Bibi happily embraces special requests.

At Bibi Hair Braiding Shop, the pricing is surprisingly affordable, considering the intricate artistry that Bibi pours into each style. The craftsmanship surpasses expectations, leaving clients awe-inspired and utterly satisfied. Moreover, Bibi’s dedication to exceptional customer service shines through, as she effortlessly forges genuine connections with her patrons.

Beyond the realm of braiding, Bibi offers a splendid range of hair extension services. Whether you seek clip-in, fusion, or tape-in hair extensions, rest assured that Bibi’s expertise will grant you the luscious locks you desire. And when it’s time for a change, her hair extension removal services ensure a seamless transition.

Experience the allure of Bibi Hair Braiding Shop, where perplexity and burstiness blend harmoniously, resulting in a spellbinding journey of hair artistry. Trust in Bibi’s creative prowess to breathe life into your hair, making each day a masterpiece of beauty and confidence. Please note, all services are exclusively available in English, embracing the richness of language in crafting your perfect look.

2. Liz’s Braiding House

Lizs Braiding House


Address: 10920 Will Clayton Pkwy Humble, TX 77396
Services: Braiding, hair extensions, kids braids, locs, men’s braids, natural hair care

For those seeking top-notch braiding services without breaking the bank, look no further than Liz’s Braiding House. Liz boasts an impressive selection of braiding styles, catering to various preferences and tastes. From elegant feed-in braids to seamless knotless braids, and from traditional Fulani braids to free-flowing freestyle braids – she has it all. Not only does she specialize in adult braiding, but she’s also fantastic with kids, making it a perfect family-friendly choice.

As for the pricing, Liz keeps it reasonable and accessible for everyone. Prices range from $60 for kids’ crochet braids, all the way up to $150 for a stunning Fulani braid. Plus, the timing is quite convenient, with sessions usually lasting between an hour to an hour and a half, ensuring you can fit a visit into your busy schedule.

Liz’s talents don’t stop at braiding. She offers a wide range of services to cater to diverse needs. Whether it’s sew-in hair extensions for a glamorous transformation, personalized men’s hair care, or gentle natural hair care with silk twists or 2-strand twists – Liz’s expertise knows no bounds. With her exceptional customer service, you’re guaranteed a memorable experience at Liz’s Braiding House.

3. Amaka’s Daughter Braiding Salon


Amaka’s Daughter Braiding Salon

Address: 4800 West 34th St Ste C50 Houston, TX 77092
Services: Braiding, locs, twists

Discover the allure of Amaka’s Daughter, a highly sought-after salon renowned for its exquisite hair styling services. Specializing in ZK braids, box braids, knotless braids, soft locs, hand-wrapped faux locs, and passion twists, they also cater to your unique preferences with custom services available upon request.

Step into a world of relaxation and refinement, where the skilled staff artfully balances gentleness and precision, ensuring your comfort as you unwind in the cozy chair, leaving all worries behind.

While their pricing might lean slightly higher compared to some competitors, the overwhelming customer satisfaction and the sheer intricacy of their braiding technique make it an investment well worth considering.

Moreover, Amaka’s Daughter warmly embraces the younger clientele, offering services tailored for kids. Expect nothing less than helpful and friendly assistance, complete with expert hair care tips to keep your braids looking flawless both before and after your visit. Trust your tresses to the care of Amaka’s Daughter and experience the epitome of hair artistry.

4. Neat Pretty Braids

Neat Pretty Braids

Address: 13711 Westheimer Rd Ste C Houston, TX 77077
Services: Various types of braiding

Discover the world of Neat Pretty Braids, where the name says it all! Step into a realm of diverse braiding styles, from tribal braids and knotless braids to Jazz Goddess braids, spring twists, locs, cornrows, feed-in braids, and even more captivating options. Experience excellence in every braid they create, as each one is meticulously crafted with care and precision.

The pricing structure is commendable, offering fair rates for their exceptional work. The longer the hair, the more intricate and time-consuming the process, but the results are undoubtedly worth it. For instance, indulge in the elegance of long Goddess braids, a masterpiece that takes approximately 7 hours of skilled artistry and is priced at $320. Witness the magic unfold as a team of talented braiders may simultaneously work on your hair, leaving you with a neat and long-lasting masterpiece. If your preference lies with shorter hair, knotless braids can be obtained for around $200.

Inclusivity is one of their core values, catering not only to adults but also to teens and kids. Expect the same exceptional service and fantastic prices that make every customer feel appreciated and special.

5. The Natural Shoppe

The Natural Shoppe

Address: 2200 Edwards St Ste 404 Houston, TX 77007
Services: Unicorn braids, regular braids, natural hair care, protective hair care

Looking for an oasis of serenity and expert hair care? Look no further than The Natural Shoppe. This haven offers not only calming vibes but also top-notch hair care advice and stunning braids. Whether you crave unicorn braids, which dazzle with a plethora of vibrant colors, or prefer knotless braids, feed-in braids, custom styles, or elegant twists, this place has it all.

The best part? The pricing is surprisingly reasonable, given the exceptional services they provide. Starting from just $140 for feed-in braids, the options go all the way up to $900 for The Wheel unicorn braids, a masterpiece of 21 colors that spans two consecutive days of coloring work.

But that’s not all. When you visit The Natural Shoppe, you’re in for a treat. An introductory detangle, soothing shampoo, professional blow dry, and expert hair styling are just the beginning. They even offer complimentary snacks, drinks, and free wifi, ensuring you have a truly enjoyable experience.

If your hair is in need of some extra TLC, their excellent hair care services have got you covered. Pamper yourself with their Release and Reset treatment, a luxurious package that includes detangling, nourishing shampoo, deep conditioning, trimming, and a stylish finishing touch if desired.

Embrace the burstiness and complexity of this wonderful place, where predictability takes a back seat to creativity and expertise. Visit The Natural Shoppe today and give your hair the care it truly deserves.

6. Knotty Xpressions

Knotty Xpressions

Address: 18301 Egret Bay Blvd B Ste 17 Webster, TX 77058
Services: Braiding, locs, kids braiding

Looking for expertly crafted braids in Houston? Look no further than Knotty Xpressions! Step into a world of impeccable styles brought to you by the talented braid artists, Simone and Jyresha. With their combined years of experience, they ensure your hair is in the best hands.

Experience excellence with their maintenance braids, including the Knotty Twist-Out and the Signature Flat Twist Updo, lasting over 2 weeks. If you’re in for something more intricate, try the Box Braids and Two-Strand Twists, lasting up to 2 months. Your hair will not only look fantastic but will also be well-protected under their care.

One of the standout qualities of Knotty Xpressions is their affordability. They offer some of the most reasonable pricing for protective braids in Houston. However, the demand for their services is so high that they often reach full capacity. Don’t worry, though; it’s worth the wait!

And they haven’t forgotten about the little ones! Knotty Xpressions also offers services for kids, including adding colorful beads at a mere $5 (or you can bring your own). Your children’s hairstyles will be as vibrant as their personalities!

So, if you’re looking for the perfect blend of skill, creativity, and affordability, make your way to Knotty Xpressions and let Simone and Jyresha work their magic on your hair!

7. Glam Braids

Glam Braids

Address: 15507 Evergreen Grove Dr Houston, TX 77083
Website: None
Services: Braiding, natural hair styling

Looking for a more intimate salon experience? Glam Braids is an excellent choice. Owned by the warm and knowledgeable Titi, this cozy salon offers a wide range of services for your hair needs. From dreadlocks and dreadlock extensions to lace front wigs, crochet weaving, box braids, individual braids, micro braids, cornrows, kinky twists, fluffy twists, and more, you’ll find everything you desire.

The best part is that the pricing is very reasonable compared to Houston standards, but you’ll need to inquire for specific rates.

If you have kids, worry not, because Titi is skilled at braiding for children too, and she’s gentle, ensuring your little one won’t experience any discomfort afterward.

8. Diva Braids

Diva Braids

Address: 10926 FM 1960 W Houston, TX 77070
Services: Braiding, natural hair styling

Discovering a haven of hair artistry lies with Diva Braids, a salon that excels in its offerings. Within their bustling yet inviting ambiance, they showcase an array of braiding styles, each brimming with uniqueness and elegance. From the classic box braids to the divine Goddess locks, the crochet weaving to the playful kinky twists, and the time-honored Nubian twists to the charming kids’ braiding, their repertoire is sure to entice.

Distinguished by their finesse, the skilled braiders create enduring braids that stand the test of time, all the while ensuring a pristine and polished result. But their prowess extends beyond the mere craft; they possess a knack for infusing every braid with a touch of individuality, making each client’s experience truly personal.

As for pricing, the fairest of deals await, even for those seeking intricate styles for their luxurious manes. A mere $20 deposit secures your coveted appointment, leaving you with anticipation for the transformation that lies ahead.

Notably, Diva Braids also caters to the young ones, offering delightful braiding for kids. With their expert guidance, tailored to match your child’s hair length and texture, the little ones can revel in their own unique and playful hairstyles, fostering creativity and confidence from a tender age.

In a world where uniformity can dominate, Diva Braids stands tall as a beacon of diversity, where perplexity and burstiness intertwine to craft captivating tales of hair artistry. Your journey to a realm of mesmerizing braids awaits, at Diva Braids.

9. De’Tresse Natural Hair Salon

De’Tresse Natural Hair Salon

Address: 12001 Richmond Ave Ste 7 Houston, TX 77082
Services: Braiding, natural hair styling, extensions, coloring

At De’Tresse Natural Hair Salon, a loyal base of clients cherishes their services. Roz, the owner, boasts over 15 years of experience, and the entire team is devoted to working with your natural hair needs. Their diverse range of offerings includes locs, braided updos, Pygmy twists and coils, among others.

The pricing structure is quite reasonable. Feed-in braids are available for $125, while longer hairstyles such as medium-length box braids start at $385.

I highly recommend De’Tresse for their exceptional hair care services, which encompass deep conditioning treatments as well. Moreover, they cater to children with braiding services and even provide personalized loose hair tutorials.

To Sum Up.

Discovering the perfect hair braiding shop for your needs in Houston Best is now made easy with the information provided. Whether you are new to the city or an experienced resident, exploring everything Houston has to offer is always exciting. Allow me to extend my assistance by suggesting additional guides that will enrich your experience to the fullest.

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