Discover 10 Incredible Water Parks in and around Houston (Both Indoor and Outdoor)

Houston is famous for its wonderful lakes and places to swim in nature, which are perfect for those who are comfortable swimming in new places. But, a lot of us simply want to play in the water, slide down exciting slides, and have a lot of fun.

We made this guide to tell you all about the water parks here. We’ll talk about how cool the pools are, what other things you can do there, and which age groups will enjoy these parks the most.

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Top 5 Indoor Water Parks Close to Houston, Texas

We’ve picked out a small number of our favorite indoor water parks near Houston. We’ll tell you a little about each one and what makes them special.

We’ll also provide you with important information like where they are, their website, when they’re open, and what they offer.

Some of these parks near Houston also have things to do outside. So, for those, we’ll estimate how long it might take you to drive there from the city.

1. Schlitterbahn

Address: 2109 Gene Lucas Blvd, Galveston, TX 77554
Distance From Houston: 50.8 miles (approximately 1 hours drive)
Minimum Age: Three years old
Daily Ticket Price: Adult ticket $65.00, Junior/Senior ticket $55.00 – Discounts are available when booking online in advance.

Galveston Island: An Escape Worth Exploring

If you’re seeking a relaxing getaway from Houston, Galveston Island is a splendid choice. Nestled within this beauty is the fantastic Schlitterbahn Water Park, spanning over 26 acres of vibrant aquatic attractions.

Thrilling Slides and Pirate Adventures

This water wonderland boasts ten distinct slides within its main area, with four offering high-speed, heart-pounding excitement. Youngsters have their own space too, with smaller slides, playful playgrounds, and a daring pirate ship to conquer. The park delights visitors with both indoor and outdoor spaces, as larger slides spiral around the exterior, finally depositing you into a tropical indoor paradise.

Three Standout Features

Three factors set this park apart from the rest. Foremost, the MASSIV Monster Blaster rules our hearts. Introduced in 2016, it’s the planet’s tallest water coaster, soaring to a staggering 81 feet. Brace yourself, as this exhilarating ride isn’t for the faint-hearted; riders must measure at least 48 inches.

Our second cherished spot is the Wasserfest heated pool bar. Imagine sipping frozen cocktails or chilled beers, enveloped by invitingly warm waters – a serene haven with a delightful Tikki atmosphere.

Lastly, Schlitterbahn boasts its private beach, perfect for adult relaxation. While supervised children are welcome, the area provides a peaceful retreat. The Lazy River meanders through this zone, adding to the park’s allure.

Amenities and Culinary Delights

Convenient free parking awaits you at the park. From enticing shacks to your very own picnic, dining options are abundant.

In Summary

Galveston Island’s Schlitterbahn Water Park offers a remarkable escape filled with thrilling slides, playful adventures, serene spots, and exclusive beachside relaxation.

2. Waterpark at The Villages

Waterpark at The Villages

Address: 18270 Singing Wood Ln, Flint, TX 75762
Distance From Houston: 187 miles (approximately 4 hours drive)
Minimum Age: No minimum age
Daily Ticket Price: Adult ticket $19.95, Junior/Senior ticket $16.95.

A Tropical Oasis within Holiday Inn Vacations Village Resort

Experience the thrill of Waterpark at the Villages, a delightful addition to the Holiday Inn Vacations Village Resort by Lake Palestine. This water park is open to all, whether you’re staying at the resort or not. They even offer discounts for visitors.

An Enclosed Paradise: Exploring the Waterpark

Step into a stunning glass building that houses the entire waterpark. Inside, you’ll find palm trees and wooden structures that create a tropical atmosphere.

Thrills, Relaxation, and Fun Waters: Activities for Everyone

The park offers a range of activities, from thrilling slides to a calm lazy river, and an exciting wave pool. Families with young children have their own area with rope bridges dividing different play zones. The staff’s kind approach to nervous children sets this place apart.

Beyond the Waterpark: More to Enjoy

The resort offers more than just the waterpark. You can enjoy horseback rides at the equestrian center, play on a fantastic mini-golf course, have fun at the arcade, and stay active at the sports club.

Extra Comfort: Pools and Relaxation

The resort boasts three hotel swimming pool areas, each with saunas and hot tubs for relaxation. The Springcreek pool even features an amazing kids’ bucket splash pad.

Practical Info: Facilities and Rules

The water park provides free parking and has a convenient on-site restaurant. Remember, bringing outside food and drinks into the park is not allowed.

Experience the Delight

With its tropical ambiance, a variety of attractions, and the added features of the resort, Waterpark at the Villages promises a memorable and enjoyable experience for all.

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3. Great Wolf Lodge Water Park | Grapevine

Great Wolf Lodge Water Park | Grapevine

Address: 100 Great Wolf Dr, Grapevine, TX 76051
Distance From Houston: 261 miles (approximately 5 hours drive)
Minimum Age: No minimum age
Daily Ticket Price: $60.00 per person for a full day, $48.00 per person for a half-day

A Mesmerizing Resort Awaits

Get ready for a fantastic family adventure at Great Wolf Lodge, a captivating resort packed with activities for everyone. Their indoor waterpark is just a glimpse of the excitement this place offers. And the best part? You don’t need to stay at the resort or be a member to enjoy it.

Diverse Delights: Exploring the Indoor Waterpark

Step into a world of wonder at their indoor waterpark. You’ll find an array of attractions that cater to all ages, making it perfect for family fun.

Thrills and Laughs: A Playground of Water Wonders

Inside this oasis, you’ll find four awesome water slides and three tube slides that can be enjoyed by multiple people at once. The park has dedicated areas for both adults and kids, ensuring everyone has a blast.

Relax and Play: Fun for All Ages

Adults can unwind in the water park’s hot springs areas. There’s a special adults-only section called North Hot Springs, while South Hot Springs is perfect for families. Kids, on the other hand, will have a blast with features like floating lily pads on the Bigfoot Pass, playing basketball in the Chinook Cave, and splashing around with water squirters in the Cub Paw Pool.

Highlight Attraction: Fort McKenzie

A standout feature within the Great Wolf Lodge Water Park is Fort McKenzie. Imagine a magnificent four-story treehouse right in the heart of the park, accessible and enjoyable for the whole family. Each level of the treehouse offers different play equipment, including toys and slides.

Practical Details: Facilities and Rules

The water park provides free parking, and there’s even a bar area for relaxation. Dining options are spread across the resort. Remember, bringing your own food and drinks into the park is not allowed.

Experience the Thrills

With its diverse attractions and family-friendly environment, Great Wolf Lodge Water Park promises endless excitement for all ages.

4. Epic Waters Grand Prairie

Epic Waters Grand Prairie
Address: 2970 Epic Place, Grand Prairie, TX 75052
Distance From Houston: 250 miles (approximately 4.5 hours drive)
Minimum Age: No minimum age
Daily Ticket Price: Adult ticket $34.00, Junior/Senior ticket $29.00. Children under the age of three are free.

The Marvelous Oasis of Epic Waters

Step into the extraordinary world of Epic Waters Grand Prairie. This massive glass building houses not just a water park, but also cool arcades, tasty places to eat, and a shop with gifts. Prepare for endless hours of entertainment, all conveniently located under one roof.

Heart-Pounding Excitement: Thrills Await

Get ready for heart-pumping activities that will leave you exhilarated. The slides here are steep, fast, and absolutely thrilling! Only the bravest souls will dare to ride the spine-chilling Lasso Loop—a slide that drops you at a sheer angle and even includes a complete 360-degree loop.

Diverse Aquatic Adventures: Something for Everyone

You can also experience serene relaxation by taking a leisurely tour around the lazy river. For those seeking a more exhilarating time, catch some waves in the outdoor wave pool or take on the exciting Texas Twist water coaster. Additionally, there’s a specially designed area for the little ones with mini slides, sprinklers, and fun play equipment.

Eating and Drinking: Delightful Offerings

While you can’t bring your own food and drinks, worry not. Inside the park, you’ll find a fantastic fast food joint and a bar serving up delicious cocktails, making sure you have all you need for a great time.

Practical Information: Facilities and Rules

Don’t fret about parking; there’s free parking available on-site for your convenience.

Experience the Epic Adventure

Epic Waters Grand Prairie is more than just an attraction—it’s an experience that promises excitement, relaxation, and fun for all ages, all conveniently gathered in one spectacular place.

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5. Kalahari Resorts & Conventions – Round Rock

Kalahari Resorts & Conventions - Round Rock

Address: 3001 Kalahari Blvd. Round Rock, TX 78665
Distance From Houston: 167 miles (approximately 3 hours drive)
Minimum Age: Three years old
Daily Ticket Price: $59.99 per person

A Remarkable Destination

Imagine an absolutely amazing water park to visit during your time in Houston. Kalahari Water Park has earned the title of “The World’s Coolest Indoor Waterpark,” and that’s not just for show! There are plenty of reasons why this place is truly awesome. It draws inspiration from South Africa’s Kalahari desert, aiming to create a serene and beautiful atmosphere with stunning artwork, impressive structures, and exciting slides inspired by African wildlife.

Wild Adventures: Slides Inspired by Nature

Get ready for wild adventures on slides that will take you on an animal-inspired journey. Zip around like a zebra, speed down like a wildebeest, roar through like a hyena, and rush over like a rhino!

Ultimate Thrill: The Hyena Slide

For those seeking an ultimate thrill, the Hyena slide is a must-try! It’s an almost-vertical drop from the top of the building to the pool below, an experience that will make your stomach flip!

Something for Everyone: From Serenity to Adrenaline

While there are amazing features for adults, including a tranquil grotto bar perfect for capturing that romantic vacation feel, some rides are more suitable for adults. Try the flow rider surfing experience or the Hout Bay ride, which ends with a dramatic free-fall before plunging into the pool.

America’s Largest Indoor Waterpark: Plan Ahead

Kalahari is the largest indoor waterpark in America and draws thousands of visitors every week. To fully enjoy the park and take well-deserved breaks between activities, it’s recommended to book in advance.

Practical Info: Facilities and Rules

There’s convenient on-site parking available for $25.00 per day. Remember, you can’t bring your own food and drinks into the waterpark.

Unbelievable Adventure Awaits

Kalahari Water Park offers an unbelievable adventure that combines the thrill of slides, the beauty of nature-inspired design, and a chance to make unforgettable memories right near Houston.

5 Best Outdoor Water Parks Near Houston, TX

Here, we’ve gathered a list of our favorite outdoor water parks in and around Houston. We’re sharing all the important details to help you choose the perfect park for your enjoyment.

1. Typhoon Texas Waterpark Houston

Typhoon Texas Waterpark Houston

Address: 555 Katy Fort Bend Rd, Katy, TX 77494
Minimum Age: No minimum age
Daily Ticket Price: Adult ticket $49.99, Junior/Senior ticket $34.99 – Discounts are available when booking online in advance. Children under the age of two are free.

Two Parks, Endless Fun: Introduction to Typhoon Texas

Typhoon Texas is an exciting water park that has not just one, but two locations in Texas. The closest one to Houston is Typhoon Texas Katy. This park is designed to offer non-stop entertainment with its nine unique attractions.

Thrilling Slides and More: What to Expect

Prepare for an adventure with four amazing slide attractions that will get your heart racing. Alongside those, you can enjoy a lazy river, an artificial beach, an impressive 800-gallon water bucket gusher, and pools for both swimming and splashing around. This park is perfect for families, as it has two special zones designed specifically to keep children entertained.

Eating Delights: Dining Choices

While you can’t bring your own food and drinks into Typhoon Texas Katy, don’t worry. The park has you covered with nine dining options. You can savor mouthwatering BBQ at the smokehouse, enjoy authentic Italian dishes at Ray’s Pizzeria, or treat yourself to delectable ice creams and sweet treats from the dessert stalls.

Convenience Matters: Facilities and Parking

Convenience is key. Luckily, you’ll find free parking available at Typhoon Texas Katy.

Experience Non-Stop Fun

Typhoon Texas Katy offers a full day of fun for everyone. From thrilling slides to relaxing pools and a variety of dining choices, this water park promises an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages.

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2. Pirates Bay Waterpark

Pirates Bay Waterpark

Address: 5300 E Rd, Baytown, TX 77521
Minimum Age: No minimum age
Daily Ticket Price: Adult ticket $23.00, Junior/Senior ticket $18.00 – Discounts are available when booking online in advance. Children under the age of three are free.

Enjoy Seasonal Fun

Pirates Bay Waterpark offers seasonal excitement, welcoming visitors from early May to the end of August each year. With thirteen thrilling attractions, there’s no shortage of fun here, but do keep an eye on age and height restrictions.

Endless Adventures: Highlighting Ninjacross

One standout attraction at Pirates Bay Waterpark is the Ninjacross. This water-based endurance challenge is a blast, featuring ropes, hoops, and ladders along the course. The real challenge? Completing the course without touching the ground!

Snacks and Sips: Dining Choices

While you can’t bring your own food and drinks, don’t worry about going hungry. The park has you covered with two snack shacks on-site. They offer a selection of sandwiches, light bites, pizzas, and sweets to keep you fueled up.

Convenient Details: Facilities and Parking

Don’t stress about parking. During the season, Pirates Bay Waterpark offers free parking, making your visit even more convenient.

Seasonal Fun Awaits

Pirates Bay Waterpark invites you to dive into a season of excitement. With its range of attractions and snack options, this park promises an enjoyable time for all ages.

3. Palm Beach At Moody Gardens

Palm Beach At Moody Gardens
Address: 8928, 1 Hope Blvd, Galveston, TX 77554
Minimum Age: Four years old
Daily Ticket Price: Adult ticket $30.00, Junior/Senior ticket $25.00.

Discovering Moody Gardens

Moody Gardens Waterpark is a picturesque oasis nestled beside the beautiful Offatts Bayou. Offatts Bayou is a stunning deep water body, cherished by sailing enthusiasts. From the waterpark, you can relax and enjoy the view of sailboats and fishermen while lazily drifting along the river.

Tranquil Beauty: Enjoying the Setting

Compared to other water parks mentioned, Moody Gardens is smaller in size. Surprisingly, this works to its advantage, offering a more peaceful atmosphere for those seeking a serene experience.

Hidden Gem Near Schlitterbahn: Proximity Advantage

Situated merely a stone’s throw away from the bustling Schlitterbahn (just 1 mile), Moody Gardens often remains undiscovered by visitors who rush to the bigger attraction.

Eating Options: Dining Choices

While you can’t bring your own food and drinks into the water park itself, you’re not left hungry. There are picnic benches within the main areas of Moody Gardens where you can enjoy a picnic. And if you choose to dine within the water park, a small café awaits, offering a variety of options including kids’ meals and alcoholic beverages.

Added Comfort: Free Amenities

Take advantage of free amenities available on a first-come-first-served basis, including beach chairs and umbrellas. Even the parking lot is free of charge.

Escape to Tranquility

Moody Gardens Waterpark offers a tranquil retreat by Offatts Bayou. With its beautiful setting, proximity advantage, and thoughtful amenities, this compact park promises a serene experience away from the crowds.

4. Yogi Bears Jellystone Park

Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park

Address: 34843 Betka Rd, Waller, TX 77484
Minimum Age: No minimum age
Daily Ticket Price: $29.00 per person. Children under the age of three are free.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Experience an incredible water park in a setting that’s filled with nostalgia at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park. You don’t need to be a resort guest to enjoy the water park. And if you decide to stay the night, you can choose from tent camping, RV camping, or cozy rustic cabins.

Clean and Charming: Family-Friendly Atmosphere

The entire park is spotlessly clean and well-maintained, making it an ideal environment for families with young children. Here, you’ll find a relaxed atmosphere as it’s not often overly crowded.

Splash and Slide: Exciting Water Adventures

Get ready for two massive waterslides at Yogi Bear’s, along with smaller slides designed just for the kids. Take a leisurely trip around the lazy river or expend some energy bouncing around on the splash pads.

Eating on Site: Snack Options

While you can’t bring outside food to the waterpark, don’t worry. A cute shop named Pic-A-Nik Basket offers snacks, drinks, and light bites. And if you need any forgotten essentials, the Ranger Station’s general store is close by.

Nostalgic Delights Await

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park brings back memories while providing modern water park fun. With its clean surroundings, exciting attractions, and convenient snack options, this place promises a memorable experience for all.

5. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Concord

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Concord

Address: 21300 I-45, Spring, TX 77373
Minimum Age: No minimum age
Daily Ticket Price: $29.99 per person. Children under the age of three are free.

The Ultimate Amusement Park

Prepare for the grand finale – Six Flags Hurricane Harbour! This immense and amazing amusement park is the highlight of the list, offering a plethora of exciting activities that will keep the whole family entertained for countless hours.

Thrills and More: A World of Rides

This park is so huge that it’s impossible to cover all the rides here. From heart-pounding high-rise roller coasters to pirate-themed play zones, epic zip lines, and even mind-boggling slingshots – the options are endless. And within the waterpark section, you’ll find a series of exhilarating slides, bamboo chute slides, and white-water rapids.

Relaxation and Serenity: The Blissful Lagoon

Amidst the thrill-packed amusements, discover a serene artificial lagoon area. Here, you can unwind in the pool or lounge on sunbeds nearby. This cleverly designed lagoon takes the shape of Texas itself, complete with a roaring wave on one end and a peaceful, shallow paddle area on the other.

Eating and Picnics: Dining Choices

While you can’t bring your own food and drinks to the water park area, don’t worry. Picnic spots are available throughout the rest of the park for your convenience. And with an astonishing seventeen dining options within the park, you’re never far from a delicious snack.

Convenient Details: Facilities and Parking

Parking is available on-site and costs $26.00 per day, requiring pre-booking. You can also find more affordable parking options in the areas surrounding the park.

The Ultimate Adventure Awaits

Six Flags Hurricane Harbour is the ultimate destination for non-stop entertainment. With its wide range of attractions, serene spots, and dining choices, this amusement park guarantees an unforgettable experience for all ages.

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Conclusion: Splash into Joy in Houston’s Water Parks

Houston’s water parks provide an array of thrilling adventures and relaxing escapes for all ages. From indoor wonders like Schlitterbahn’s heart-pounding slides to outdoor delights like Typhoon Texas and serene havens like Moody Gardens, each park offers a unique experience. Whether you seek adrenaline-pumping rides or tranquil lounging, Houston’s water parks offer a perfect blend of fun and relaxation. So, grab your swimsuit and dive into the excitement that awaits in these fantastic water park destinations.

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