Cosmetology and Beauty Schools in Houston, Texas

Houston is a lively city in Texas known for space stuff, cool art, and yummy Tex-Mex food. Guess what? It’s also great for people who want to make others look awesome! If you dream of cutting and coloring hair like a pro, making skin look fantastic with the latest techniques, or doing cool makeup, Houston’s beauty schools have got you covered. They offer all kinds of programs to help you succeed. Check out the top schools, special programs, and all the fun things you can do in Houston’s awesome beauty world!

360 Degrees Beauty Academy #1

360 Degrees Beauty Academy

Situated between Jones Road and Bobcat, close to FM 1960 Road West in Houston, 360 Degrees Beauty Academy #1 is a special place. It started as a beauty spot and grew into a friendly community center. Besides offering great beauty and barber services, it’s where neighbors meet, and families connect.

The academy is more than just a place for haircuts and styles; it’s a diverse and welcoming space. People from different backgrounds come here, creating a mix of experiences and ideas. When you step inside, it’s like joining a big family with a cozy and inclusive atmosphere.

If you’re interested in improving your beauty skills or just want a friendly place for beauty services, think about visiting or enrolling. It’s a chance to be part of this welcoming community at 360 Degrees Beauty Academy #1.

Address: 10638 Farm to Market 1960 Rd W, Houston, TX 77070
Phone No: (281) 517-9505

Paul Mitchell The School Houston

Paul Mitchell The School Houston

In the heart of Houston, Texas, Paul Mitchell The School is a top-notch place to learn about beauty. It’s not just a school; it’s a special place where you can become a skilled cosmetologist. The school is independently owned and run, showing its unique touch.

They’re different because they offer classes all year round, and you can start whenever it suits you. Whether you want to study full-time or part-time, they have options to fit your schedule. Paul Mitchell The School is focused on giving you the right skills for a successful career in beauty and barbering.

You can learn more by checking their website or giving them a call. And, it’s not just about learning – they also offer beauty services, making it a one-stop destination for all things beauty.

Address: 10516 Katy Fwy suite a, Houston, TX 77043
Phone No: (713) 465-6300

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Top Beauty College

Top Beauty College

Situated in Houston, TX, Top Beauty College stands out as a leading choice for those aspiring to enter the beauty industry. This cosmetology school is widely recognized for its commitment to excellence, molding individuals into skilled professionals ready to make a difference.

Boasting an outstanding graduate success rate of over 90%, Top Beauty College ensures that students acquire essential skills and kickstart their careers within a year of graduation.

The comprehensive curriculum covers everything from hairstyling to skincare, equipping students with expertise for a successful cosmetology career. More than just an educational institution, Top Beauty College serves as a launching pad for a rewarding journey into the dynamic world of beauty.

Address: 12830 Veterans Memorial Dr, Houston, TX 77014

Champion Beauty College, Inc.

Champion Beauty College, Inc

Situated in Houston, Champion Beauty College, Inc. is a great place to learn about cosmetology. They’ve been teaching hair styling and barbering since 2000. What makes them special is their focus on helping students become entrepreneurs in the beauty, fashion, wellness, and art industries.

The school has really experienced teachers who not only teach the basics but also help students with business skills. It’s a friendly and supportive place to learn, and they even offer financial help for those who need it.

If you’re interested in cosmetology and want a school that cares about your success, give Champion Beauty College a call today!

Address: 3920 Cypress Creek Pkwy #210, Houston, TX 77068
Phone No: (281) 583-9117

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Houston, Texas, is a great place for people who want to become cosmetologists or beauty professionals. Many different schools in the city offer various programs to suit different interests and ways of learning. Whether you want to learn about overall cosmetology, specialized esthetics, or specific areas like hair, nails, or makeup, Houston has the right program for you. It’s not just about learning technical skills; cosmetology is also about being creative, building strong relationships with clients, and making a positive difference in their lives. So, check out your options, enjoy the learning process, and get ready to show off your beauty skills in the exciting city of Houston!

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