8 Hotels And Resorts With Rooftop Pools in Houston, TX

I really enjoy swimming in hotel pools, but rooftop pools are even more amazing. In Houston, when you look at the city’s buildings from a rooftop pool, it’s really, really nice. And when you relax in the pool and watch the stars at night, you remember it forever.

Our list of the best 8 hotels with rooftop pools in Houston, TX, will help you find the coolest hotels to go to.

The 8 Most Beautiful Rooftop Pools in Houston

I’ve picked out different kinds of hotels. Some are big and fancy, where you can find everything in one place. Others are smaller and good for people with pets. They have a relaxed feel. First, I’ll tell you about the important things each hotel has. Then, I’ll share my thoughts on why I think each one is great.

So, not in any special order, here are 8 really nice rooftop pools in Houston:

1. Embassy Suites by Hilton Hotel

Embassy Suites by Hilton Hotel

Address: 1515 Dallas St Hilton Houston, TX 77010
Website: hilton.com
Facilities: Roofscape pool and spa, fitness center, WiFi, courtesy shuttle bus, restaurant, bar, gift shop, entertainment

Stunning Views and Relaxing Rooftop Pool

This fancy hotel is called Embassy Suites Houston Downtown by Hilton. It’s a special place with a great view of Discovery Green Park. The pool on the rooftop is really nice, and I suggest you go for a swim in the evening. That’s when you can see the city lights and it looks amazing. They also have a spa on the rooftop and a fitness center that’s open all day and night if you want to exercise.

Different Types of Suites

The rooms here are really nice. They have different kinds of suites. There are regular ones and also corner suites, which are located on the corners of the building. They even have special suites for people who need a bit more help. These ones have showers you can roll into, alarms with lights for people who might not hear well, and furniture like couches and beds that are easy to use if you’re shorter. All the rooms are kept clean, look modern, and are filled with light. They have useful things like mini-fridges, microwaves, places to sit, WiFi, and TVs.

Great Location and Free Shuttle

This hotel is in a really good spot. It’s close to the George R. Brown Convention Center, Discovery Green Park, the Toyota Center where the Houston Rockets play, and a place where you can watch cool shows, called the theater district. They’re all worth checking out. The hotel even has a shuttle bus that can take you to some places around downtown for free.

My Recommendation

If you want to stay somewhere really nice and luxurious, I definitely recommend staying at Embassy Suites. It has everything you need for a great experience.

2. Marriott Marquis Houston

Marriott Marquis Houston
Address: 1777 Walker St Houston, TX 77010 United States
Website: https://www.marriott.com/en-us/hotels/houmq-marriott-marquis-houston/overview/
Facilities: Rooftop pools, spa, fitness center, WiFi, restaurants, bars, private floors for hire, poolside cabanas, poolside pergolas

Fun Pool Options

If you like swimming while seeing a cool view, then Marriott Marquis Houston is a great place for you. It’s a bit more like a party atmosphere, so if you enjoy that, this is a good choice. They have three different pools: an infinity pool, a Lazy River pool, and a whirlpool. You can even rent a special shaded area by the pool. One is called a cabana, which fits 3-6 people and comes with cold towels and bottled water. The other is a pergola for 2 people, and it also has cold towels and bottled water. It’s like having your own little party spot.

Lovely Rooms

The rooms in this hotel are really nice. They offer different types of rooms, including ones where you can see the pool. Those are fantastic if you like taking pictures. The rooms are bright and modern. They have really good bed linens, WiFi, TVs, and small fridges to keep your drinks and snacks cold.

Relax and Enjoy

You can also treat yourself to the spa here. They have different treatments like waxing, doing your nails, and massages for couples. If you like to work out, they have a gym with lots of equipment, and it’s open 24 hours for guests. Plus, when you’re hungry or thirsty, there are plenty of bars and restaurants right in the hotel.


If you’re into having a fun swim with cool options and want a good place to relax and stay, Marriott Marquis Houston is a really good choice.

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3. Four Seasons Hotel Houston

Four Seasons Hotel Houston

Address: 1300 Lamar St Houston, TX 77010
Website: https://www.fourseasons.com/houston/
Facilities: Rooftop pool, spa, exercise classes, on-site shopping, WiFi, restaurants, bars, babysitting services, shuttle service

Relax by the Rooftop Pool

For a super fancy time, go to the Four Seasons Hotel in Houston. They have a special rooftop pool that feels like you’re at a luxurious resort. You can just chill out there and look at the city from above. There are lots of comfy chairs where you can lean back and relax. It’s a great spot for families to enjoy together.

Beautiful and Modern Rooms

The rooms in this hotel are really, really nice. They have a sleek and modern style that looks cool. They’re also really clean and big, and you can see the city from the windows. In the rooms, you’ll find WiFi to connect your devices, little fridges to keep your drinks cold, and other small things that will make your stay more cozy.

Fantastic Spa Treats

If you want to treat yourself, the spa here is awesome. They have something called the Night Spa, which is open from 7 PM to 10 PM. It’s a special treat you can give yourself. It includes different treatments that last for 3 hours. One you should totally try is the Southern Scrub & Dip. It starts with a scrub for your whole body, made in Texas. Then, you get to soak in a bath with aloe milk, which is good for your skin. And guess what? They also give you a glass of special whiskey that you can only get at their bar, the Bayou and Bottle. Having spa treatments and sipping whiskey afterward is just amazing!

My Suggestion

If you’re up for a fancy and relaxing time, I totally suggest going to the Four Seasons Hotel in Houston. It’s a really great place to enjoy yourself.

4. Magnolia Hotel Houston

Magnolia Hotel Houston

Address: 1100 Texas Ave Houston, TX 77002
Website: https://marriott.com/en-us/hotels/
Facilities: Rooftop plunge pool, whirlpool, 24-hour fitness center, restaurant

Cozy Atmosphere and Plunge Pool

The Magnolia Hotel Houston is a bit smaller than some of the other hotels mentioned, and that goes for its pool too. But, I still want to talk about it because it’s a good option, especially if you prefer a calmer vibe. They have a small pool on the rooftop where you can take a peaceful dip. It might be small, but it’s quiet and nice. They also have a whirlpool on the 23rd-floor deck, which is like a bubbly hot tub. Both pools let you see the city really well, especially when it gets dark outside.

Lovely Rooms and City Views

The rooms at this hotel are really nice. You can see parts of the city from some of them, and that’s cool. The rooms are kept clean and look modern and bright. They have comfy furniture and things like WiFi, TVs, and closets you can walk into.

Limited Activities, but a Nice Lounge

This hotel might not have as many things to do as some of the bigger ones in Houston, but they do have a restaurant called the Magnolia Lounge. It’s a laid-back place where you can get family-friendly food. While the hotel doesn’t have tons of activities, there’s a lot of fun stuff to do around the area. You can visit Discovery Green, a park with cool stuff, try escape rooms, go skydiving, and more.

My Thoughts

If you’re looking for a cozy place to relax, the Magnolia Hotel Houston is a good choice. Even though it’s not huge, it has some nice pools and comfy rooms.

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5. Hyatt Regency Downtown Houston

Hyatt Regency Downtown Houston
Address: 1200 Louisiana St Houston, TX 77002
Website: https://www.hyatt.com/en-US/hotel/texas/hyatt-regency-houston/hourh
Facilities: Rooftop pool, fitness center, hair salon

Stunning Skyline Views at Night

At the Hyatt Regency Downtown Houston, there’s a fantastic rooftop pool. It’s really nice to go there at night because you can see the city’s tall buildings all lit up. It’s a really pretty sight. This hotel might not have as many extra things as some of the others, but it’s a good pick if you want a hotel where your pet is welcome.

New and Fresh Rooms

The rooms in this hotel were recently updated, so they look really modern and cool. They’re also kept very clean and are filled with light. All the rooms have WiFi, which is how you connect to the internet, and you can use services like laundry and get help from the concierge, who knows a lot about the area. If you’re bringing your pet along, no worries, because this place is pet-friendly.

More Than Just a Pool

In addition to the rooftop pool, there’s a gym where you can work out, a place to get your hair done, and even two spots to eat. One is a restaurant where you can enjoy steaks, and the other is a shop that sells bagels. If you have little ones, they can help you with babysitting too.

My Advice

If you’re excited about a rooftop pool with city views, the Hyatt Regency Downtown Houston is a great option. Even though it might not have everything, it’s pet-friendly and has other nice things for a comfortable stay.

6. Blossom Hotel Houston

Blossom Hotel Houston
Address: 7118 Bertner Ave Houston, TX 77030
Website: https://www.blossomhouston.com/
Facilities: Rooftop pool, Wi-Fi, lobby library, fitness center, shuttle bus

Stunning Pool with City Views

In the middle of Houston’s medical district, you’ll find the lovely Blossom Hotel Houston. They have a really pretty rooftop pool that looks out at the buildings around. It’s a wonderful spot to unwind and enjoy.

Pet-Friendly Rooms with Modern Comforts

The rooms in this hotel are really nice to look at. The best part? You can bring your pet with you! So, if you have a dog, this could be a great choice. The rooms have things like Wi-Fi, which is how you connect to the internet, and you can even read digital newspapers using a service called Press Reader. They also have lots of services to help you with whatever you need.

Relaxing Library and More

One thing I really like about Blossom Hotel is their Lobby Library. You can grab a good book from there and read it while you’re hanging out by the pool – I think that’s pretty cool. They also have a fitness center if you want to do some exercises, and you’ll find a few places to eat and a bar to get drinks. They even offer a free shuttle ride to places like Rice Village and Herman Park, which is really handy.

My Thoughts

If you’re searching for a relaxing place to stay in the middle of the medical district, Blossom Hotel Houston is a great option. The rooftop pool and other cool things make it a nice choice for a comfortable visit.

7. Hotel ZaZa Museum District

Hotel ZaZa Museum District

Address: 5701 Main St Houston, TX 77005
Website: https://www.hotelzaza.com/houston?chebs=local-zazahouston
Facilities: Rooftop pool, Wi-Fi, spa, bar, restaurant

Charming Rooftop Pool with a Twist

When I think about special hotels in Houston, Hotel ZaZa Museum District always comes to mind. Their rooftop pool is really nice, although it’s a bit different from the other hotel pools I mentioned earlier. The pool is surrounded by walls, which gives you privacy and warmth when it’s breezy outside. However, the walls also mean you can’t see everything around you.

Unique Rooms that Stand Out

What’s really cool about this hotel is the rooms. They have something called themed suites. Imagine the Casa Blanca suite with its red walls, low couches, and pretty pillows. And then there’s the Villa Champagne suite that’s all bohemian and cozy, with comfy sofas and a fancy four-poster bed.

Delicious Food, Cool Bar, and Spa Treats

Hotel ZaZa also offers yummy food, a nice bar, and a spa that does things like hair and nail treatments, and even special massages that they create just for you. Plus, you’re in the middle of the Museum District, so there are awesome places like the Museum of Fine Arts, Hermann Park, and the Houston Zoo to explore.

My Take

If you’re on the hunt for a unique and memorable place to stay, definitely check out Hotel ZaZa Museum District. The pool is great, the rooms are one-of-a-kind, and there’s so much to enjoy nearby.

8. The Westin Houston, Memorial City

The Westin Houston, Memorial City

Address: 945 Gessner Rd Houston, TX 77024
Website: https://www.marriott.com/en-us/hotels/houmy-the-westin-houston-memorial-city/overview/
Facilities: Rooftop pool, Wi-Fi, fitness studio, Starbucks, gift shop

Relaxing Views in an Infinity Pool

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I really like infinity pools. They’re super cool! Imagine lying in a pool that seems to go on forever, especially when you’re looking at something amazing. Well, The Westin Houston has a pool like that. And let me tell you, it’s one of the best pools on this list.

Comfy Beds and Nice Rooms

The rooms in this hotel are really nice. The beds are especially comfy, and that’s always important. The rooms have things that feel natural, like textures and fabrics that make them cozy. They even have special rooms called suites. These have small kitchenettes, which are like tiny kitchens, so you can save money by not eating out every time. Oh, and guess what? If you have a pet and you’re okay with paying a bit extra, you can bring them along!

Extras to Enjoy

Here’s more good stuff: there’s a place where you can work out, a Starbucks coffee shop for your caffeine fix, and a shop where you can buy gifts. And guess what’s even better? There are loads of restaurants nearby, so you can get yummy food delivered right to you.

My Thoughts

Infinity pools are really neat, and The Westin Houston has a really good one. The rooms are comfy, and there are some extra things that make staying here enjoyable.

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Discover Houston’s Best Rooftop Pools

Experience the magic of rooftop pools in Houston. From Embassy Suites’ luxurious city views to Hotel ZaZa’s unique themes, there’s a pool for every taste. Relax, enjoy, and make lasting memories in these top 8 hotels with stunning rooftop pools.

My Conclusion

Rooftop pools in Houston offer unique experiences at each hotel. Whether you prefer luxury, relaxation, or unique themes, there’s something for everyone. Dive into your ideal stay and create lasting memories in the heart of the city.

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