6 Best Modeling Agencies in Houston, TX

Are you dreaming of becoming a model in Houston?

Well, you’re in luck!

Houston is a lively city with lots of chances for aspiring models like you.

There are special places called modeling agencies that help people as they get started in modelling.

Whether you want to walk on runways, appear in photos, or do different kinds of modeling, Houston has many good agencies to choose from.

Let’s explore the “6 Best Modeling Agencies in Houston” together.

This will help you learn about your options and begin your exciting journey into the world of modeling!

Neal Hamil Centre

neal hamil center

The Neal Hamil Centre for Modeling and Talent, previously known as Mayo-Hill, has been a leader in helping people become models and talented individuals in Houston for more than 40 years.

This place has a strong reputation for training and supporting new models and aspiring talents.

The center is special because it offers a wide range of training.

It doesn’t just teach how to walk and pose on the runway, but also other important things like how the entertainment industry works and how to handle professional situations.

This makes the Neal Hamil Centre stand out from others.

What makes the center really good is that it treats each person as unique. They understand that everyone has different strengths and needs.

So, the training is customized for each individual, giving them the right guidance and help they need to succeed.

Address: 1512 Center St #200, Houston, TX 77007
Phone Number: (713) 789-7340

Page Parkes Center Of Modeling And Acting

page parkers center of modeling and acting

In the world of modeling and acting, the Page Parkes Center of Modeling and Acting (PPCMA) shines as a star-maker.

For over 40 years, it’s been a premier hub in the Southwest US for budding models and actors.

Notable names like Channing Tatum, Amber Heard, and Hilary Duff owe their success to PPCMA’s guidance.

With a legacy spanning four decades, PPCMA’s reputation remains unmatched in training future talents.

Its expertise in teaching acting, runway skills, and on-camera techniques has stood the test of time.

What sets PPCMA apart is its exceptional teaching team, composed of industry experts.

They don’t just teach the craft; they inspire personal growth, acting as mentors and guides.

Address: 7155 Old Katy Rd # 100, Houston, TX 77024
Phone Number: (713) 807-8200

Model Essence

Model Essence

In the lively world of Houston’s modeling scene, one agency shines bright for its unique and complete approach – Model Essence.

This special place brings together modeling, photography, fashion, and lifestyle in one spot for both new and experienced talents.

Model Essence isn’t just an ordinary modeling agency.

It’s like a creative hub where you can do many things. They take care of different events in your life.

They can capture moments with your family, take adorable pictures of newborns, celebrate moms-to-be with pregnancy photos, mark graduation achievements, and capture the love of weddings and engagements.

The people who work at Model Essence are really good at taking pictures.

They don’t just take regular photos; they capture special feelings and stories.

Their photographers pay close attention to details and really understand the people they photograph.

So, the pictures they take become memories you’ll always love.

Model Essence is not only about modeling. They also help new models get started.

They teach them things they need to know, help them make portfolios, and introduce them to important people in the modeling world.

In the exciting city of Houston, Model Essence is like a creative star.

It mixes modeling, pictures, fashion, and personal style together.

It’s a place where special moments become memories, and it keeps up with Houston’s creative spirit by making art that lasts.

Address: 1000 West Oaks Mall #121, Houston, TX 77082
Phone Number: (832) 779-6405

TL Modeling Agency

Tl modeling agency

For more than ten years, TL Modeling Agency has been making its mark in Houston.

They’re all about helping people with potential become fantastic models.

How They Choose Models:

At TL Modeling Agency, they don’t just pick anyone.

They have a special way of selecting models.

If you want to be a model, you send them some information and two pictures.

Then, they’ll get in touch if they think you’re the right fit.

A Personal Touch:

TL Modeling Agency isn’t like the others.

They really take care of their models.

They help them get better and feel more confident.

And guess what?

They also help their models go to big cities like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London, and Paris!

From Houston to the World:

TL Modeling Agency doesn’t keep their models just in Houston.

They believe in them a lot. So, they open doors to amazing places where models can show their talent.

They help them walk on runways in famous cities all around the world.

Bringing Everyone In:

Houston is a mix of different people and cultures. TL Modeling Agency loves this about the city.

They make sure that all kinds of people get a chance to be models. This way, they change how the world sees beauty and style

Address: 2700 Post Oak Blvd, Houston, TX 77056
Phone Number: (855) 856-6335

Pastorini-Bosby Talent Agency

Pastorini-Bosby Talent Agency

In the lively world of Houston’s entertainment, one name shines bright: the Pastorini-Bosby Talent Agency.

With a remarkable 30 years of experience, this agency is a key player, offering a wide range of skilled actors, voice artists, makeup experts, speakers, and athletes for different projects.

For more than three decades, the Pastorini-Bosby Talent Agency has been a trusted source for nurturing and supporting talent.

They’ve gained lots of know-how, making them a favorite among those searching for talented individuals to bring their creative ideas to life.

What makes the Pastorini-Bosby Talent Agency special is their diverse group of talents.

From actors who can tackle many roles to voice experts who give voices to various projects, the agency is a treasure trove of creativity.

The agency is known for having amazing voice artists.

These pros can give life to characters, tell stories in documentaries, and add emotion to ads using their voices that hook audiences in.

The agency doesn’t stop at voices and acting. They’ve got talented makeup artists who don’t break the bank.

These artists can transform looks, making sure that the appearance matches the characters.

This adds depth and style to movies and shows. But the agency’s magic isn’t only for screens.

They also have famous speakers who bring wisdom and inspiration to events.

Plus, they team up with well-known athletes, connecting the worlds of sports and entertainment seamlessly.

For filmmakers, advertisers, and event planners, the Pastorini-Bosby Talent Agency is a top pick.

Their impressive history of supplying talent for ads, movies, videos, and live events shows they can handle all sorts of creative needs.

Address: 14825 St Marys Ln #100, Houston, TX 77079
Phone Number: (713) 266-4488

The Models Lab

The Models Lab

In the lively city of Houston, there’s a special place where dreams come to life – “The Models Lab.”

This cool agency is all about helping young people who want to be models.

They believe in finding each person’s special skills and helping them feel great about themselves.

The Models Lab is one of the best places in Houston to learn about modeling and become a confident and respectful person.

Feeling Good and Learning Good:

The Models Lab is more than just about looking good. They care about making sure their models feel good about who they are.

They teach important things like being confident, treating others with respect, being responsible, and making friends.

The Models Lab is like a school that makes models not only for the runway but also for life.

Chasing Big Dreams:

The Models Lab is like a launching pad for young girls with big dreams.

If you want to break through barriers and be a top model, this is the place for you.

They help you learn everything you need to know to shine in the modeling world.

With their help, you can chase your dreams and reach for the stars.

Learning in a Fun Way:

The Models Lab has classes on Saturdays and Sundays when most people don’t have school.

You’ll be there from 11:00 in the morning until 4:30 in the afternoon.

Each learning session lasts for 10 weeks.

It’s like going to a special school where you learn how to be an awesome model.

The teachers are really good, and they help you a lot. In a city full of different people and big dreams, The Models Lab is a special place.

They’re helping to create the next generation of models in Houston.

By helping young people find their talents, feel good about themselves, and learn important values, The Models Lab is making dreams come true – not only on the runway but also in life.


Houston’s modeling industry is vibrant and exciting, with top-notch agencies playing a key role. These six agencies stand out as the best in the city, helping new talents become successful models. Their ability to spot potential and guide careers is impressive. They bring opportunities not only to aspiring models but also to the entire industry. These agencies highlight Houston’s creativity and potential. As the city’s creative scene continues to grow, these agencies will keep shaping the future of modeling, making Houston an important part of the fashion world.

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