5 Best Water Fountains in Houston, TX

Explore the top 5 water fountains in Houston, Texas, and enjoy a cool and peaceful experience in this bustling city.

Whether you live in Houston or are just visiting, these fountains are great places to relax, think, or have a nice picnic.

We’ve found the best fountains, from famous ones to hidden spots, to help you discover Houston’s beautiful water features.

Join us as we show you these fantastic places with water that make Houston even more special.

Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park

Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park

In Houston’s lively Uptown District, you’ll find the Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park, previously known as the Williams Waterwall and the Transco Waterwall.

It’s a stunning, tall fountain that stands across from the Williams Tower.

The fountain is like a giant waterfall sculpture, and it’s a peaceful spot in the midst of a busy city.

It was built to make the area around the tower look beautiful.

If you’re in Houston, make sure to check out this unique and calming place where you can enjoy the sight and sound of flowing water.

Address: 2800 Post Oak Blvd, Houston, TX 77056

Mecom Fountain


Mecom Fountain, a magnificent creation by Eugene Werlin dating back to 1964, stands proudly in the heart of Houston, Texas.

You can find it at the bustling intersection of Main and Montrose streets, making it a prominent landmark in the city.

John W. and Mary Mecom generously gifted this fountain to the city, showcasing their love for Houston.

Back then, it was the biggest fountain in town, making it a significant part of Houston’s history.

Address: Hermann Dr, Houston, TX 77005

McGovern Centennial Gardens

McGovern Centennial Gardens

McGovern Centennial Gardens, located in the heart of Houston, is a peaceful 8-acre retreat that welcomes both nature lovers and visitors.

This charming place features carefully designed gardens with different themes, a lovely walkway with sculptures, and a tall 30-foot hill that offers amazing city views.

People often choose McGovern Centennial Gardens for special occasions, like weddings, because it’s a fantastic spot with a beautiful fountain, well-kept gardens, and excellent service.

It’s like a hidden paradise in the middle of the city, where you can relax by soothing fountains and enjoy stunning city views.

Don’t miss the chance to explore this gem in Houston!

Address: 1500 Hermann Dr, Houston, TX 77004

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Gus S. Wortham Fountain

Gus S wortham Fountain

Located in the heart of Houston, the Gus S. Wortham Memorial Fountain, lovingly known as the “Dandelion,” is a charming spot for everyone.

This unique fountain has special brass pipes that spray water, giving a cool break to people who are jogging, biking, or walking their dogs.

The area around the fountain is lovely too, with trees making a half-circle for shade, benches to rest on, and pretty gardens with native plants.

There’s even some gentle lighting and open shelters for a cozy feel.

Just remember, while everyone is welcome to enjoy this place, dogs should stay out of the water.

Address: 2902 Allen Pkwy, Houston, TX 77019, United States

Discovery Green

Discovery Green

Discovery Green is a lovely park right in downtown Houston. It’s a place where you can enjoy nature and have lots of fun. Here’s what you can do there:

Nature Strolls: You can take peaceful walks in the shade of trees. There’s also a quiet pond and nice views of the city.

Exercise: If you like running, there’s a new trail for jogging. And if you have a dog, they have special water fountains and areas for big and small dogs.

Games: You can play games like bocce ball, horseshoes, or croquet. They even have golf carts you can rent with fun art on them.

Family Fun: Families will enjoy the Mist Tree and a play area made to look like birds’ migration path.

Water Play: There’s a cool water fountain you can play in called the Gateway Fountain.

Art: You’ll also see cool art around the park that adds to its beauty.

Live Shows: Sometimes, musicians and performers put on shows at the park’s amphitheater.

Discovery Green is not just a park; it’s a place where you can relax, play, and enjoy art and music. It’s a great spot for a day of outdoor fun in the city.

Address: 1500 McKinney St, Houston, TX 77010


When it’s hot in Houston, Texas, and you need a cool break, water fountains are like magical oases.

In this guide, we’ll show you the five best water fountains in Houston.

Each one is special and brings calm and beauty to the city.

Whether you live here or are just visiting, these fountains are great spots to relax and enjoy.

Let’s check out these fantastic fountains that make Houston even more amazing.

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