5 Best Gyms with Childcare in Houston, TX

Looking for a gym in Houston that takes care of your kids while you work out?

It’s a real help for moms and dads who want to stay fit but also want their children to be safe and happy.

In this article, we’ll check out some of the best gyms in Houston that offer child care.

That way, you can exercise and be sure your child is in good hands.

Tellepsen Family Downtown YMCA

tellepsen YMCA

Tellepsen Family Downtown YMCA in Houston is more than just a gym – it’s a place that’s all about helping the community.

They’re focused on making real changes in the neighbourhood.

For parents, they have after-school programs in local schools, so kids have a safe place to go while their parents work or do other activities.

There are also programs for teenagers and activities for kids to stay healthy.

If you’re looking to stay fit, they have a Wellness Center with the latest exercise equipment.

They also have group exercise classes to get fit with others.

For older folks, there are classes and programs just for them.

You can even walk or run indoors on the track.

If you want to learn to swim, they offer lessons, and there’s an indoor pool for swimming year-round.

If you like pickleball, you can play it there.

They also have a steam room and a whirlpool for relaxation.

And if you’re into sports, there’s a gymnasium where you can play different games.

In short, Tellepsen Family Downtown YMCA isn’t just a gym with childcare in Houston.

It’s a place where the community comes together to stay healthy and have fun.

They are all about making life better for the people in the neighbourhood.

Address: 808 Pease St, Houston, TX 77002

Phone Number: (713) 659-8501

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LA Fitness

La fitness

Keeping fit as a parent isn’t easy, but LA Fitness in Houston has your back.

They offer loads of great stuff to help you stay healthy.

You’ll find all sorts of things like cool exercise gear, classes, and even a pool!

Here’s the big bonus: if you’re a parent, they’ve got childcare covered.

You can pay $10 each month or just $5 each time you drop off your kid.

They’re open during the week until 8 p.m. and until noon on Saturdays.

But, remember, they’re closed on Sundays.

If you like joining fitness classes, LA Fitness has plenty of options.

The last class usually starts at 8 p.m., and many classes happen upstairs, giving you a peaceful spot to work out.

Address: 195 Yale St, Houston, TX 77007

Phone Number: (713) 401-2840

Life Time

Life time

Life Time Greenstreet in Houston is not your typical gym – it’s more like an awesome athletic club. This place offers a bunch of cool stuff that makes it really special.

Inside, they have a big area with lots of exercise equipment, so you can do all sorts of workouts and stay in shape.

What’s super neat is that they have all kinds of classes, like yoga and cycling, for people who like to work out in groups. So, if you’re into trying new workouts and having fun, you’re in the right place.

After your workout, you can relax in their eucalyptus steam rooms. These steam rooms help your muscles feel better, and they’re just plain relaxing.

If you’re looking for extra attention and help with your workouts, they have something called a Signature Membership. With that, you can join group training sessions and get special guidance from fitness experts. It’s like having your own personal coach.

But what really makes Life Time special, especially for parents, is their childcare. They’ve thought of everything to make it easier for moms and dads to exercise. They have a safe and fun area for babies, little kids, and older kids. While you work out, your kids can have a great time.

For older kids, they also have fun classes and activities to keep them busy. And if you want a night out without the kids, they offer a “Parents Night Out” babysitting service. So, you get some time for yourself, and your kids are safe and happy.

During the summer, they even have camps for kids. These camps are all about having fun and staying active when school’s out.

Address: 1201 Main St, Houston, TX 77002

Phone Number: (713) 258-2600

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O Athletik

O Athletik

Nestled in the heart of Houston Heights, O Athletik is a gym that’s ideal for busy parents. This gym is not your average workout spot; it’s a fitness hub with a lot to offer.

Imagine a place that’s over 35,000 square feet, with loads of cool stuff. At O Athletik, they’ve got more than 100 classes every week, so you can choose what suits your schedule. That’s great news for those of us juggling work, kids, and life.

But there’s more. O Athletik isn’t just about working out. They’ve got a café right in the gym where you can grab a bite to eat after your workout. And if you’re feeling tired and sore, there’s a steam room and sauna to help you relax and recover.

Now, here’s the fun part – they have a never-ending pool! It’s perfect for swimming and getting fit without the impact on your joints. And if you like the outdoors, they have a hill where you can get your heart pumping.

But what’s really awesome about O Athletik is that they’ve thought about families too. They offer special sports programs and classes for kids, so parents can exercise while their little ones have fun. It’s like a win-win for everyone.

Address: 767 N Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77007

Phone Number: (713) 320-2450

Facet Seven Heights

studio fitness heights

Facet Seven Heights in Houston is your one-stop spot for fitness and well-being. They’ve got everything you need to get fit and feel great, from intense STRENGTHCON classes to relaxing Yoga, high-energy boot camps, the latest exercise machines, and more. Plus, their top-notch coaches are there to help you every step of the way.

Whether you want to pedal away in a cycling class, work with a personal trainer, or do your own thing, Facet Seven Heights has got you covered. It’s not just a gym; it’s a place where everyone is welcome and supported in their fitness journey.

But what’s really cool is that Facet Seven Heights knows how hard it can be for parents to find time to exercise when they have kids. So, they offer childcare services. This means you can work out while your kids are looked after. It makes getting fit easier and more convenient for parents.

Address: 2505 W 11th St, Houston, TX 77008

Phone Number: (713) 907-1276

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When it comes to finding the best gyms in Houston that offer childcare services, these five options are the top choices. They’re great for parents who want to stay healthy while making sure their kids are safe and happy. Each of these gyms has its own mix of exercise options and childcare, making it easier for parents to take care of themselves and their children at the same time. Whether you’re a busy mom or dad looking for a workout or a family aiming for a healthier lifestyle, these gyms are here to help. So, pick the one that works for you and start getting healthier, both for yourself and your little ones.

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