5 Best Beaches In Houston, TX

Houston stands proudly as a glorious city, boasting a population of over 2.3 million, securing its place as the fourth most populous city in America. Although it embraces numerous breathtaking sights, our focus today lies on the finest beaches in Houston that warrant a visit.

At first glance, Houston may appear somewhat peculiar. Despite the vast expanse of over 1,000 square miles of water, many of its fantastic beaches demand a short drive from the city center to access. Before we unveil our top beach picks, let’s take a moment to ponder essential factors to consider before embarking on a journey to one of Houston’s finest coastal gems.

Key Factors to Take into Account When Searching for a Beach in Houston

5 Best Beaches In Houston, TX

When venturing to Houston, also known as the Bayou City, you’ll be delighted by an array of captivating beaches. From vast coastal stretches to tucked-away, tranquil hideaways, the choices are diverse. Before diving into our curated selection of the finest beaches near Houston, take a moment to consider these essential aspects.

The Location

Situated close to the Gulf of Mexico, Houston is an ideal destination for beach enthusiasts. The city enjoys a consistently warm climate throughout most of the year. However, keep in mind that many beaches may require a short commute by car or public transport, so planning your travel to and from the beach is crucial.


Given that several Houston beaches are located outside the city, having a car at your disposal is often necessary. Consequently, parking becomes a concern. As popular tourist spots, many of these beaches require paid parking, such as the Stewart Beach, which charges $12 to $15 depending on the time of visit. On the other hand, places like El Jardin Beach do not impose parking fees but may offer limited space.

Onsite Amenities

Beyond sand and sea, beaches offer an array of amenities to contemplate. Some provide onsite toilets and changing rooms, while others offer sports equipment for rent, like surfboards for those seeking adventurous thrills.

One of the highlights of Houston’s beaches is the incredible variety of offerings available. For instance, Galveston Island State Park not only features sandy shores but also boasts hiking trails, canoe rentals, nature trails, wildlife tours, and much more.

Alternatively, if simplicity is your preference, Houston caters to your needs with smaller, secluded gems like Surfside Beach.

The 5 Best Beaches in Houston

Our selection process considers various factors, including location, onsite amenities, fees, size, and more. With the vast range of beaches available, we’ve ensured there’s something for everyone – from serene hideaways for individuals seeking tranquility to spacious family-friendly spots for those craving fun-filled days by the water.

1. The Sylvan Beach

The Sylvan Beach

Address Sylvan Beach, La Porte, TX 77571
Restrooms Yes
Lifeguards No
Website N/A

Sylvan Beach Park, located about 20 – 30 minutes from central Houston, is a hidden gem that offers a relaxing and tranquil escape from the bustling city life. This quaint beach may appear simplistic, but its charm lies in its fine white sand and gentle waves, making it a perfect destination for a romantic getaway.

The park provides more than just a serene beach experience. Families and friends can enjoy the onsite playground and make use of the convenient picnic tables for a delightful outdoor meal. For those who love fishing, the beach features an onsite fishing pier that guarantees plenty of fun. Keep in mind that there is a small additional charge of $4 to access the pier.

One of the highlights of Sylvan Beach Park is the stunning views it offers of Galveston Bay. Visitors can bask in the beauty of the bay while enjoying the facilities, including the onsite restrooms for added convenience. For those seeking a unique experience, the park allows you to hire a boat for a day of water exploration.

Though Sylvan Beach Park may not be vast in size, it compensates with a wealth of activities and attractions, ensuring that you will stay entertained throughout your visit. Whether you seek a peaceful retreat, a day of fishing, or a romantic outing, this beach is sure to deliver a memorable experience. So pack your bags and head to Sylvan Beach Park for a day of relaxation and fun!

2. The Galveston Island State Park

The Galveston Island State Park

Address 14901 FM 3005 Galveston, TX 77554
Restrooms Yes
Lifeguards Yes
Website https://tpwd.texas.gov/state-parks/galveston-island

Explore the Galveston Island State Park, a true sanctuary offering a myriad of captivating activities! This park boasts distinct beach and bay areas, each brimming with delightful features and attractions.

A wealth of possibilities awaits every visitor to this enchanting beach! Conveniently located just a short drive from central Houston, and abundant onsite parking space ensures that the Galveston Island State Park is an ideal destination for a memorable day trip.

Embark on a leisurely stroll across the sandy expanse, indulge in a tranquil fishing session, or take the plunge with a kayak or canoe to conquer the waves up close! For those seeking more spirited beach adventures, bicycle rentals offer the perfect opportunity to explore the scenic nearby trails.

Picnic tables and benches dot the landscape, providing a comfortable setting for relaxation and enjoyment. Rest assured, the presence of vigilant lifeguards ensures a safe and secure beach experience at all times. As an added delight, the park’s proximity to the Gulf Coast offers glimpses of marvelous wildlife in their natural habitat. While children under 12 can revel in the beach’s offerings for free, older children and adults may access this paradise with a modest $5 entry fee.

3. The El Jardin Beach

The El Jardin Beach

Address 500 El Jardin Dr, Seabrook, TX 77586
Restrooms No
Lifeguards No
Website N/A

Looking for a serene escape? El Jardin Beach might just be the hidden gem you seek. Nestled cozily, this small yet powerful beach offers a perfect setting for a relaxing getaway. If you fancy some fishing, this spot is ideal. But don’t worry, it’s not just for anglers; you can bask in the glorious sun and while away the day as well.

What’s more, they have convenient picnic tables and benches on-site, so you can treat yourself to a delightful lunch by the waves. The beach spans a mere four and a half acres, so it’s not the go-to choice if you prefer long beachside strolls.

However, there’s no shortage of excitement. El Jardin Beach is teeming with marine wildlife, attracting a variety of fish and birds. It even boasts a small car park with no additional fees, although it fills up swiftly, especially during peak times. So plan accordingly.

Located just 30-40 minutes away from Houston by car, it’s a popular destination for families seeking a splendid day out. The gentle and shallow waves make it perfect for leisurely swims, while the proximity to Houston’s main port allows you to witness the majestic ships sailing in as you unwind on the shore. Embrace the allure of El Jardin Beach – a tranquil oasis within reach.

4. The Stewart Beach

The Stewart Beach

Address 201 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, TX 77550
Restrooms Yes
Lifeguards Yes
Website N/A

Discover Stewart Beach, the stunning gem of Galveston Island. Nestled alongside Seawall Boulevard, this exquisite coastal destination is a mere stone’s throw away from Houston, making it an ideal getaway for families and adventure seekers alike.

Feel the soft, powdery white sand beneath your feet as you bask in the serenity of the tranquil waves. Whether you seek relaxation or excitement, Stewart Beach has it all. Unleash your competitive spirit with beachside volleyball or partake in the array of events that grace the shores during the holiday season.

Indulge in convenience with a host of onsite amenities, from well-appointed changing rooms and restrooms to refreshing showers. Savor delectable treats and refreshing beverages at the beachside snack bar and concessions stalls. Embrace the true essence of beach life by renting various supplies and rest easy knowing professional lifeguards are vigilantly safeguarding your enjoyment.

While Stewart Beach boasts a spacious car park, it fills up quickly, especially during peak times. Plan accordingly, as parking rates are $12 Monday to Thursday and $15 Friday to Sunday. With its abundance of activities and charm, Stewart Beach undoubtedly ranks among the finest Houston beaches.

5. The Surfside Beach

The Surfside Beach

Address 1304 Monument Dr, Surfside Beach, TX 77541-9522
Restrooms Yes
Lifeguards No
Website N/A

Discover the enchanting allure of Surfside Beach, an idyllic romantic escape! Nestled along the coastline and a mere 45-minute drive from central Houston, this hidden paradise boasts breathtaking vistas and gentle, soothing waves.

Although favored by surfers, the majority of visitors come seeking tranquility and repose. While the weekends may witness a bustling crowd, the weekdays offer a more serene ambiance.

Onsite facilities are modest, aligning with the beach’s embrace of simplicity and natural charm. It’s a place to relish life’s simple pleasures. If you’re willing to pay a $12 fee, you can even drive your car across the beach for a unique experience.

In the vicinity of Houston, these five beaches offer distinct experiences to savor. Although Texas might not be synonymous with beaches, these gems are worth exploring. So, whenever you yearn for sandy shores and the embrace of the sea, make sure to grace one of these beautiful beaches with your presence.

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