3 Best Water Parks for Toddlers near Houston, TX

Welcome to Houston, a city full of fun!

If you’re a parent or looking after a little one, we’ve got some great water parks for your toddler.

These parks are made just for them, so they can have a safe and super fun time in the water.

In this guide, we’ll check out the “3 Best Water Parks for Toddlers in Houston.”

These parks are perfect for your little splasher, and you’ll both have a blast.

Let’s explore these cool spots where your toddler can have a great time in the water this summer!

Calypso Cove

Calypso Cove

In Baytown, Texas, you’ll find a special place called Calypso Cove. It’s a fantastic water park, especially for families with toddlers. Calypso Cove is known as one of the best spots for young kids to have fun in the water in the Houston area.

The main attraction at Calypso Cove is a shallow pool that’s just right for little kids. It’s a safe place for them to splash around and play in the water. Parents can relax knowing their toddlers are having a great time while staying safe. This pool is perfect for toddlers who are still getting used to being in the water.

But Calypso Cove has more to offer. They have a lazy river that winds through the park. It’s like a slow-moving stream that you can float on using inflatable tubes. It’s a calm and enjoyable experience for families to do together. Even toddlers can join in on the fun by floating with their parents.

For kids who want a bit more excitement, Calypso Cove has water slides. These slides are super fun, with twists, turns, and lots of splashing. Older kids and even parents can have a blast on these slides.

Calypso Cove is not just a water park. It’s a special place where toddlers can have their first water adventures in a safe and friendly setting. With a shallow pool, a lazy river, and thrilling water slides, it’s the perfect mix of fun things to do for toddlers and the whole family. Calypso Cove in Baytown is a top choice for families looking to make wonderful summer memories together.

Address: 2428 W Main St, Baytown, TX 77520

Phone Number: (281) 422-1150

Splashway Water Park

Splashway Water Park

Splashway Water Park, found in Sheridan, TX, is an amazing place for families with little kids to have a blast in Houston. It’s not just a water park but also a camping spot.

At Splashway Water Park, there are lots of cool things to do. If you like exciting water slides, they have them. And don’t worry, they have fun stuff for little kids too. They made special places where little kids can play safely in the water.

One of the best things is the lazy river. You can float along and relax. There are also two wave pools. You can ride the waves or just hang out by the pool.

If you want to stay for a while, you can. They have cabins, cottages, RV spots, and places to camp in a tent. So, you can sleep there and enjoy the water park whenever you want.

If you want a special spot to relax, you can rent a cabana. It’s like a private, shady area where you can chill, eat, and have fun with your family.

In short, Splashway Water Park in Sheridan, TX, is a super fun place for families with little kids in Houston. They have exciting rides, safe areas for toddlers, a lazy river, and two wave pools. Plus, you can stay overnight in cabins, cottages, RV spots, or tents. And if you want a cool spot to relax, you can rent a cabana. It’s a whole lot of fun for the whole family!

Address: 5211 Main St, Sheridan, TX 77475

Phone Number: (979) 234-7718

Typhoon Texas Waterpark Houston

Typhoon texas water park

In the heart of Houston, there’s a water park called Typhoon Texas, and it’s a great place for toddlers and families. If you want a fun place for your little ones, this is it!

Fun for Toddlers:

At Typhoon Texas, they’ve made a special place just for toddlers. They have a shallow pool with fun stuff to play on. Your little kids can splash around safely while you watch them have a blast.

Excitement for Older Kids:

But that’s not all! Big kids can enjoy 33 different water slides. Each slide is different, so there’s always something new to try. Whether they want to race their friends or go solo, there’s lots of fun to be had. And for those who want to relax, there’s a slow river where you can float peacefully.

Time with Family:

Typhoon Texas is a great place to spend time with your family. You can share exciting rides or just hang out by the pool. It’s all about having fun together.

Fun and Food:

Besides the water fun, Typhoon Texas has more to offer. They have live music at Tidal Wave Bay during their Summer Concert Series. And when you’re hungry, there are lots of places to grab a tasty meal.

Affordable Options:

Typhoon Texas knows that families have different needs. They have different tickets you can choose from. Whether you want to go just once or many times, they have options that won’t break the bank.

Address: 555 Katy Fort Bend Rd, Katy, TX 77494

Phone Number: (832) 426-7071


When it comes to finding the best water parks for toddlers near Houston, there are three great options to consider. These parks have safe and fun attractions for kids, perfect for beating the heat and having a good time. So, grab your swimsuits, sunscreen, and snacks, and get ready for a fun day with your little ones at one of these top water parks in Houston.

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