15 Best Furniture Stores in Houston, TX

Looking for great furniture in Houston? Houston has amazing stores with all kinds of furniture styles. From modern to classic, there’s something for everyone. These stores have cool stuff that can make your home cozy and stylish. We picked 15 awesome furniture stores just for you. Let’s check them out and find the best pieces for your place!

Gallery Furniture

Gallery Furniture

Nestled right here in Houston, Gallery Furniture isn’t just a place for sofas and chairs – it’s like a big hug from your city. Imagine your favorite uncle, Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale, running this family-owned store with three cool showrooms. It’s a bit more than just a furniture shop; it’s like a friendly neighbor always ready to help out.

Remember Hurricane Harvey? Well, Mattress Mack sure does. When it hit, he opened up Gallery Furniture to folks who needed a safe spot. He even helped rescue people! It was like he turned the store into a superhero hideout. And guess what? People from all around the world heard about it!

But that’s not all. Gallery Furniture isn’t just about selling stuff. They team up with groups like Big Brothers Big Sisters, USO, and ACE Scholarships to make Houston even better. And here’s the cool part – when Mattress Mack says, “SAVE YOU MONEY,” he means it. He wants everyone to have nice things without spending all their piggy bank money.

Oh, and after you find your dream furniture, they make sure it gets to your home super fast with their same-day delivery. It’s like ordering pizza but for your living room!

So, Gallery Furniture isn’t just a store; it’s like that friendly neighbour who’s always there for you, making sure you’re comfy and happy in your home sweet home.

Website: https://www.galleryfurniture.com/homepage

Address: 6006 North Fwy, Houston, TX 77076

Phone Number: (713) 694-5570

American Furniture Warehouse

American Furniture Warehouse

American Furniture Warehouse in Houston, Texas, is a special place that owes its success to Jake Jabs, its founder. He grew up in rural Montana, learning hard work and a love for music from his immigrant parents.

Before venturing into furniture, Jabs started by selling guitars. But it was in 1975 when he took charge of a struggling furniture company, giving birth to American Furniture Warehouse. With smart ideas and a new name, Jabs turned it into a big success.

This store isn’t just about selling furniture. It’s a treasure trove of diverse and beautiful pieces. From outdoor furniture to stunning home decor and artwork, there’s something for everyone.

While its roots are in Denver, Colorado, the Houston branch of American Furniture Warehouse embodies its spirit. It’s a place where each piece has a story and where classic craftsmanship meets modern design, making homes cozy and stylish.

In a city full of furniture stores, American Furniture Warehouse stands out. It’s not just a shop; it’s an experience that honors its founder’s vision. Step inside and find a world of passion, creativity, and the art of making a house feel like home.

Website: https://www.afw.com/

Address: 21501 Gulf Fwy, Webster, TX 77598

Phone Number: (281) 672-1199

At Home


Find At Home at 12605 N Gessner Drive, Houston. It’s where amazing home decor meets incredible prices. Every month, they bring in thousands of new things, so there’s always something new to explore!

You won’t believe the variety! Walk down aisle after aisle and imagine all the ways you can style your place. Plus, shopping’s a breeze—order online and pick up in-store or from the curb. They even deliver locally, making it super easy to get your stuff home.

But it’s not just the stuff—it’s the vibe. At Home isn’t your regular store; it’s a place to dream up how you want your home to look. Whether you need one cool thing or a whole new look, At Home has you covered.

So, dive in and have fun making your home awesome. At Home in Houston isn’t just a store; it’s where your home ideas come alive!

Website: https://www.athome.com/store-find/

Address: 2605 N Gessner Dr, Houston, TX 77064

Phone Number: (281) 469-0900

Living Designs Furniture

Living Designs Furniture

Tucked in Downtown Houston, Living Designs Furniture isn’t your typical furniture store. It’s a family-owned spot that’s all about making furniture just right for you.

Crafted with Care

This place doesn’t just sell furniture; it crafts it. Each piece is carefully made by skilled hands, blending old-fashioned skills with modern tricks. The result? Furniture that’s not just useful but also looks amazing.

Your Style, Your Way

Ever wanted furniture that suits your taste perfectly? Here, you can pick the fabric, color, and design that match what you have in mind. They’re all about making furniture that’s one-of-a-kind, just like you.

Quality without the Big Price Tag

The best part? You get top-notch quality without breaking the bank. They keep it affordable by selling directly from their factory. So, you get beautifully crafted furniture without the hefty price tag.

Come and Explore

When you step into their showroom, it’s not just about shopping. It’s an adventure. Their friendly experts are there to help you explore the different styles and find what fits your home best.

At Living Designs Furniture, they don’t believe in settling for almost perfection. It’s where you find furniture that’s just right, where every piece tells a story, and where your home truly becomes yours.

Website: https://www.livingdesignsfurniture.com/

Address: 4619 Navigation Blvd, Houston, TX 77011

Phone Number: (713) 921-5098

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Affordable Furniture Stores in Houston, TX

Affordable Furniture

Affordable Furniture

Step into Affordable Furniture, and you’re stepping into a legacy of comfort and community. For over four decades, this establishment has been a beacon in Houston, Texas, offering more than just furniture—it’s an embodiment of a vision birthed by two brothers, Abe Akhter and Mukhtar Ishaq.

In the bustling landscape of Houston, Affordable Furniture stands tall as a testament to their unwavering commitment to making homes cozy and inviting without breaking the bank. What started in 1981 as a humble venture by these visionary brothers has blossomed into a haven for anyone seeking quality furniture at unmatched prices.

The heart of their mission beats with inclusivity. Abe and Mukhtar envisioned a space where diversity thrives, where every individual, irrespective of their background, finds the perfect pieces to furnish their homes. Walking through their doors, customers encounter a treasure trove of discounted beds, couches, tables, and an array of interior accents—all carefully curated to suit diverse tastes and preferences.

But it’s not just about offering furniture; it’s about ensuring that everyone feels valued. At Affordable Furniture, the cornerstone isn’t just the products; it’s the unparalleled dedication to customer service. Every interaction is a chance to make someone’s home dreams a reality, and their team takes this commitment seriously.

Moreover, affordability isn’t just a buzzword here—it’s a promise. They believe that comfort should be accessible to all, which is why they go the extra mile to provide financing services, ensuring that financial constraints don’t hinder the creation of welcoming spaces.

Beyond the business, Affordable Furniture has become an integral part of the Houston community. It’s a place where stories are shared, friendships are forged, and dreams are realized—one furniture piece at a time.

Website: https://www.affordablefurniturehouston.com/

Phone Number: (713) 681-6300

Address: 12005 Northwest Fwy Suite B, Houston, TX 77092

Ashley Outlet

Ashley Outlet

In the heart of Houston, Ashley Outlet is the go-to spot for folks looking to jazz up their homes without burning a hole in their pockets. With jaw-dropping discounts hitting as high as 60%, this place is a treasure trove of cool furniture, comfy mattresses, and all things homey.

What makes Ashley Outlet a hit? Well, it’s not just the crazy discounts; it’s the awesome mix of popular stuff and a bunch of cool things you didn’t even know you needed. From super-modern vibes to timeless classics, there’s something for everyone’s taste.

Here’s the best part: you don’t have to worry about the quality taking a nosedive just because of the discounts. Nope! Each piece is built to last, promising you years of comfy couch lounging or sweet dreams on a mattress that won’t quit.

Walk into Ashley Outlet, and you’ll feel the cozy vibes right away. The staff? They’re like your personal guides to the furniture wonderland. Got questions? They’ve got answers, making your shopping spree feel like a fun adventure.

Ashley Outlet isn’t just a place to buy furniture. It’s where your space gets a stylish makeover without draining your wallet. It’s the spot where your home dreams become a reality without the crazy price tag.

So, if you’re on the lookout for that perfect couch or a mattress that’s as snug as a bug, Ashley Outlet is calling your name. It’s where discounts meet top-notch stuff, making fancy living a reality for everyone in Houston.

Website: https://stores.ashleyfurniture.com/store/us/texas/houston/9000348252/

Phone Number: (713) 221-4250

Address: 14810 N Fwy Service Rd, Houston, TX 77090

Used Furniture Stores in Houston, TX

Potros Resale Shop

Potros Resale Shop

Potros Resale Shop isn’t your ordinary furniture store in Houston. It’s a magical place where you can find amazing furniture that won’t empty your wallet. Sure, they’ve got some cool old stuff, but what makes them special is their mix of awesome, low-cost furniture, and cool things from all over the world.

Step inside and get ready for a wild ride through furniture heaven! They’ve got everything from timeless wooden pieces to funky finds that come from different places worldwide. Each piece has a story to tell, and you might just find something that screams “This is so me!” for your home.

What’s cool about Potros Resale Shop is that they care about giving you great stuff without the crazy prices. It’s not just about getting a table or a chair; it’s about finding that one piece that makes your place feel unique and totally you.

But wait, there’s more than just furniture! They’ve got all kinds of cool collectibles hanging around. You never know what treasures you’ll stumble upon that could become your new favorite thing.

Whether you’re a super collector or just want something special for your home sweet home, Potros Resale Shop is the place to be in Houston. It’s not just a store; it’s an adventure, promising surprises and a whole new way of looking at furniture shopping.

Website: http://www.potrosresalestore.com/

Phone Number: (713) 863-8773

Address: 440 W Crosstimbers St, Houston, TX 77018

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Alabama Furniture

Alabama Furniture

Alabama Furniture is your go-to place in Houston for amazing furniture finds. This top-notch consignment shop is not just any store; it’s a giant 10,000 square feet of options for your home. Whether you’re into super modern or classic styles, they’ve got you covered.

Step inside, and you’ll find way more than just furniture. Alabama Furniture is like a treasure chest for your home – outdoor furniture for chilling, cool antiques with stories, eye-catching artwork, cozy rugs, and the perfect lighting to make your space feel just right.

What makes Alabama Furniture special is how they help both sellers and buyers. If you’ve got good stuff you don’t need anymore, this place gives you a way to sell it. It’s like recycling, but for furniture! Your old stuff finds new homes, and you get some extra cash in your pocket. Win-win!

Alabama Furniture isn’t just about buying and selling; it’s about making spaces that fit you perfectly. Every item they have is picked with care, so you know you’re getting quality without breaking the bank.

In a city as diverse as Houston, Alabama Furniture is like a celebration of different styles. It’s not just a furniture store; it’s a place to explore and find that one special thing that makes your home feel just right. Come on in and discover style and savings at Alabama Furniture!

Website: http://www.alabamafurniture.com/

Phone Number: (713) 862-3035

Address: 4900 N Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77018

2nd Debut Furniture Resale

2nd Debut Furniture Resale

In Houston, Texas, 2nd Debut Furniture Resale is where furniture gets a second shot at making homes cozy and special. It’s not your regular store—it’s a place where furniture finds new families through a cool idea called “consignment.”

Here’s the deal: People bring in their furniture, old or new, and leave it in the care of 2nd Debut. When someone falls in love with a piece and buys it, the money gets shared between the store and the person who brought in the furniture. It’s like teamwork in making homes happier!

What makes 2nd Debut super neat is that each piece of furniture has its own story. Imagine a chair that’s seen a lot of family talks or a table that’s been a part of celebrations. Every piece here has its own adventure to share.

It’s not just about buying furniture; it’s about the tales hidden in every corner, every cozy cushion, and every sturdy leg. And guess what? By buying pre-loved furniture, you’re also doing a bit for our planet—less waste, more love for our Earth!

From fancy sofas to classic cupboards, 2nd Debut has something for every taste. It’s not just a shop; it’s a place where stories meet style, where furniture gets a second chance, and where your home finds its perfect match. Come in and discover your furniture’s next chapter at 2nd Debut Furniture Resale!

Website: http://www.2nddebutfurniture.com/

Phone Number: (713) 782-0300

Address: 11026 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77042

Online Furniture Stores in Houston, TX

Bi-Rite Furniture

In Houston, Bi-Rite Furniture is the place to go for great deals on all things furniture. They’ve got mattresses, bedroom sets, dining room gear, and even those fun bean bags everyone loves. You’ll find them right off I 45 North between Parker Rd and Little York Rd, making it super easy to swing by.

What’s cool about Bi-Rite Furniture is that they make things easy. You can lay things away or get financing for your furniture, making it fit your budget. And guess what? They offer same-day delivery and pickup, so you don’t have to wait long to enjoy your new stuff.

Step into their showroom, and you’ll be spoiled for choice. Need a comfy recliner or a snazzy dining table? They’ve got you covered. And the best part? Everything you see is right there in their warehouse, ready to be taken home or delivered ASAP.

Now, here’s the game-changer: Bi-Rite Furniture is online! Yep, you can shop from your couch and get your favorite finds delivered the same day. No need to leave home—just click and it’s on its way.

Bi-Rite Furniture isn’t just a store; it’s where you create a cozy, stylish home without breaking the bank. It’s where Houstonians find the perfect furniture for their space without the hefty price tags. So, whether you’re aiming for a comfy bedroom or a family-friendly living room, Bi-Rite Furniture is your go-to for creating a home that’s all about comfort and style.

Website: https://biritefurnitureonline.com/

Phone Number: (713) 699-8200

Address: 7114 North Fwy, Houston, TX 77076

Texas Furniture Hut

Texas Furniture Hut is where luxury meets affordability. Back in 2002, Amir Burghli founded this family-owned gem with a simple mission: to offer top-notch furniture brands at prices that won’t empty your wallet. Here’s the kicker – they’ve got big names like Flexsteel, Universal, Simon Li, Aspen Home, Broyhill, and Lane, all at up to 30% less than other stores. How? By keeping their costs low, they pass on the savings to you.

What makes them stand out? It’s their team. They’re not just sales folks – they’ve got experts galore! Need help designing a space? They’ve got in-store interior designers. Want to snooze on the perfect mattress? Meet their sleep pros. Plus, they’ve got a crack delivery team, making sure your furniture gets to you safe and sound.

At Texas Furniture Hut, it’s not just about selling furniture. They’re all about making your furniture dreams come true. Whether you’re after a comfy couch or redoing your whole room, their team is there to help you out. For anyone in Houston wanting top-quality stuff without burning a hole in their pocket, Texas Furniture Hut is the place to be.

Website: https://www.texasfurniturehut.com/

Outdoor Furniture Stores in Houston, TX

Patio 1 Outdoor Furniture

Patio 1 Outdoor Furniture

Imagine a place in Houston where your outdoor dreams come true – that’s Patio 1 Outdoor Furniture. Since 1979, they’ve been the go-to spot for folks looking for amazing outdoor furniture that’s both trendy and timeless.

What makes Patio 1 special? They’re all about giving you exactly what you want. They’ve got a bunch of cool American designs and fancy European styles to choose from. No matter your taste, they’ve got something that’ll suit you just right.

Here’s the best part: you get to decide how comfy you want to be. They’ve got a whopping 150 fabric colors for you to pick from. And get this – they’ll make cushions that fit you perfectly in just five days. That’s super quick!

But Patio 1 isn’t just about selling furniture. They’re like your buddies in making your outdoor space look awesome. They’ve got these free design services where their smart team helps you out. Whether you’re redoing a tiny balcony or a big patio, they’ll make sure your ideas become real without any fuss.

Patio 1 Outdoor Furniture isn’t just a store. It’s where your outdoor spot becomes a cozy, stylish paradise. They’ve got tough American stuff and fancy European looks – everything you need to make your outdoor space your own comfy, cool hangout.

Website: https://patio1.com/
Address: 5807 Richmond Ave., Houston, TX 77057
Phone Number: (713) 977-4455

Home and Patio

Houston Home & Patio

Picture this: a place in Houston that’s been decking out outdoor spaces with style for over 40 years – that’s Home and Patio for you. It’s a family-run spot, and they’re all about turning your backyard into the coolest hangout in Texas.

What makes them stand out? Well, they’ve got this big warehouse right there, so when you find the perfect chairs or that dreamy outdoor table, you can snag it whenever you want. No waiting around for delivery – it’s all about your schedule.

Now, the best part is, Home and Patio doesn’t care if you’re working with a big budget or counting pennies. They’re in the business of making your outdoor dreams happen, whether you’re just adding a little something to your garden or going all out on a backyard makeover.

And let me tell you about their collection – it’s not just furniture; it’s like a treasure trove of designs. Want something sleek and modern? They’ve got it. Prefer the timeless classics? Yep, they’ve got those too. It’s not just about filling your backyard; it’s about turning it into a spot where you can kick back, relax, and have a good time.

So, if you’re daydreaming about a chill spot by the pool, a fun outdoor dining area, or just a cozy nook surrounded by nature, Home and Patio is your spot. The team there is super friendly, and they’ve got loads of cool ideas waiting for you. Swing by and see how Home and Patio can make your outdoor dreams a reality!

Website: https://www.houstonhomeandpatio.com/

Kids Furniture Stores in Houston, TX

Baby’s & Kid’s 1st

Baby's & Kid's 1st

Looking for top-notch furniture for your little ones in Houston? Well, Baby’s & Kid’s 1st is the place to be! This isn’t your average baby shop—it’s like a magic cave full of amazing stuff for your baby’s room and beyond.

Right in the heart of Houston, Baby’s & Kid’s 1st is this huge store stocked with all sorts of furniture for babies and older kids too. From cozy cribs for your tiny tots to cool furniture that older kids will love, they seriously have it all.

What really makes Baby’s & Kid’s 1st stand out is how they’re there to help you. The folks working there really know their stuff, and they’re super friendly. They get that picking furniture for your little ones isn’t just about looks—it’s about safety, quality, and making sure it’s just right for your family. They’re like your personal guides, making sure you pick the perfect pieces.

Oh, and inside the store? It’s awesome! It’s built for families, with fun things for kids to explore while parents check out the furniture. It’s a happy place where everyone feels at home.

At Baby’s & Kid’s 1st, they don’t just want to sell you things. They want to be your pals, helping you find the best furniture that’ll make your little ones’ rooms extra special. Whether you’re new to parenting or a seasoned pro, this store’s got your back and wants you to feel great about what you’re getting.

So, Baby’s & Kid’s 1st isn’t just a store—it’s a place where families find fantastic furniture, have a blast, and know they’re getting the absolute best for their little darlings.

Website: https://babys1st.com/
Address: 5575 Richmond Ave., Houston, TX 77056
Phone Number: (713) 785-8511

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Walmart Supercenter

In Houston’s big city, Walmart Supercenter shines bright as a great spot to find furniture that’s both good on your wallet and great in quality. It’s not just a regular store – it’s a place where you can discover all sorts of furniture for your home.

Lots of Furniture Choices

At Walmart, you’ve got plenty of options. From comfy sofas for your living room to cool dining tables for family dinners, they’ve got something for everyone.

Awesome Furniture for Kids

Hey, parents! Walmart’s the place to be for kids’ furniture. They’ve got beds that’ll make bedtime fun, bunk beds for sharing, and cool loft beds that save space – perfect for your little adventurers.

Quality Stuff That’s Affordable

What’s neat about Walmart is that their furniture doesn’t cost a ton but lasts a long time. You’ll find pieces that are strong and well-made without breaking the bank.

Easy Shopping

Walmart’s furniture section is super easy to get around. Everything’s organized nicely, so you won’t get lost. And the folks working there are friendly and ready to help.

Part of Your Community

More than just a store, Walmart’s a part of the neighborhood. They care about the folks in Houston and do more than just sell things – they’re there for the community.

So, if you’re in Houston and need furniture, Walmart Supercenter’s the place to check out. With their huge selection, great prices, and good quality, they’re one of the best spots in town to get your home looking just the way you want.

RH Baby & Child Houston | The Gallery at Highland Village

RH Baby & Child Housto

Imagine stepping into RH Baby & Child at Highland Village in Houston. It’s not just a store; it’s like entering a cozy home filled with amazing stuff for kids’ rooms. This place makes shopping feel different—it’s not about just buying things, it’s about getting inspired.

The moment you walk in, it feels warm and welcoming. They’ve created a special place where you can dream up the perfect room for your little ones. Everywhere you look, there are cool things like furniture, lights, fabrics, and decorations that make you feel like you’re in a magical world of design.

What’s neat about RH Baby & Child is that they make everything look fancy yet modern. You can tell they put a lot of care into making each crib or lamp. And the rugs? So soft and cozy!

The best part? The people who work there are super friendly and really know their stuff. They’re excited to help you find exactly what you’re looking for and turn your ideas into real, amazing rooms.

So, RH Baby & Child in Houston is not just a regular store—it’s a place where you can turn your ideas into fantastic spaces for your little ones. It’s like a treasure trove of beautiful things that make your home special.

Website: https://www.walmart.com/store/5959-houston-tx
Address: 412 North Fwy, Houston, TX 77022
Phone Number: (713) 300-0511


In Houston, there are lots of great furniture stores for all kinds of furniture needs. If you want furniture for kids or stuff for outside, or even if you prefer shopping online or getting second-hand pieces, there’s something for everyone. The top 15 stores in Houston cover everything from cool kids’ stuff to outdoor gear, and they’re all about giving you good quality without breaking the bank. These stores aren’t just about furniture; they make your house comfy and show off your style. They’re like the secret ingredient that makes homes in Houston cozy and personal.

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